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15 Brazilian Chocolate’s Giveaway

Enter this awesome new giveaway and get a chance to win a chocolate! Breegahdayrow (Brigadeiro in brazilian portuguese) is a specialty milk chocolate created in the Brazil of the 50’s, a must-have in most of their celebrations. Birthdays and several festivities would just not be the same without the classic and rich breegahdayrow. It’s a true synonym for much of the Brazilian soulful vibe and creative lifestyle. Breegahdayrow is authentic, an enticing, joyful and friendly treat. A pleasant energizing snack that well represents a cheerful culinary culture. 100% guaranteed you’ll love it. Our goal is to inspire chocolate lovers by putting our breegahdayrow inside beautiful recyclable, collapsible aluminum tubes. When you carry around a vintage breegahdayrow tube, you are tunning in with a colorful culture that lives life to the fullest. Celebrating, dancing, laughing, creating, making love, dreaming and more, while snacking on fresh n’ tasty milk chocolate. All of that on the go! Connect with something authentic. Get your Breegahdayrow today! (enter via email subscription only)

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