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$20 Plug+ Smart Plug Giveaway

The Plug+ allows you to remotely control your appliances in real time. Use either Amazon’s Alexa through your Echo to wirelessly control your Plug+ paired device, or operate it from your phone via iPhone iOS and Android apps.

Simple Setup:
Connect your Plug+ to the internet through the free TuyaSmart app for Android and iOS
Sync your Plug+ with Alexa through the compatible Alexa skill ‘Smart Life’ by Tuya

Plug+ Features:
Turn on and off your devices using verbal commands with Alexa
Operate your Plug+ outlets on your phone using free apps on either iOS or Android
Check the status of your Plug+ devices on your phone anytime through your WiFi or cellular connection, allowing you to control and monitor your smart plugs virtually anywhere
Share control of your Plug+ devices on your friends and family’s phones
Group multiple Plug+ and turn them all on or off with one simple command
A timer function allowing you turn on your Plug+ on a one-time or recurring daily schedule
A countdown function allowing you to turn on your Plug+ in a certain amount of time
The ability to create ‘scenes’ – preset configurations of devices on and off that you can set allowing you to quickly switch between your preferred setup in the morning, at night, at work or home during the day (enter via Rafflecopter form)

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