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OUR MISSION: Combining passion and puns to create laughter around the world, one smile at a time.

Sounds “cheesy” but doesn’t it make you feel “gouda” and “grate”? “Lettuce” join hands and be a part of our journey today!

To “celerybrate” the grand opening of our site we are giving away 50 t-shirts (valued at $1,000) to 50 random lucky winners! Once the door opens, you’ll be able to browse around our store of over 1,000 “koala-tea” designs covering various niches ranging from animals, food, professions, and of course…. PUNS! There will be something for everyone! Plus, we’re not just an ordinary store, entertainment will be provided as well featuring jokes, videos, and other hilarious content!

There is no limit to the number of “thymes” you can win. So what does that mean? “Donut” give up at all! You can win a “pizza” the pie!

Now get “eggcited”, “turnip” the “beet”, and share the contest with your friends & family (each referral is worth 5 entries!). No “avocardio” involved. The more you share, the better your odds of winning! “Butter” yet, there is no such thing as a LOSER in this contest! If you’re not one of the lucky 50 selected, it’s “oh kale” we will still have something special for you! Nothing to be “jelly” about because everyone is a “wiener!” Thanks “a latte” for entering! (enter via giveaway form)

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