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Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop Giveaway

Enter For A Chance To Win A Dell Inspiron 15 High Performance Touchscreen Laptop (enter via other giveaway form)


  1. Kabanda Ivan says:

    As a teacher trainee, lyricist and scientist wannabe, PLEASE give me this chance.It’s a tool that I need badly.My dreams had started tf fade away because I’m not able to own a better communication device and storage than the button cellphone.Owning Dell Inspiron 15 will mark the start of a dream come true.A better world.Trust me (I am a scientist,haha),I won’t disappoint.

  2. AJ T. says:

    Some people are something else.

  3. Inkisar Ahmed khan says:

    This is a humble request i’ve broke my mobile phone lcd, so i cannot able to do my office work on it i got iphone 6 which i m not currently using my request is to give my smart phone giveaway so i can re start my work the reason i cant buy a new one is just because my salery comes usually on 10 to 12 every month and i also have to pay most of my homes utility bills and my parents medicines which cost over 3/4th of my salary if you give me smart phone or any company ipad i’ll be thankfull and promote ur site on every account i’had i promise i am in a problem being a good son i dont want to make any shortage in medicines of my blood prassure and sugar patient perents both of them so i request you to give me a chance to be as good as i am in my perents mind i dont like to beg otherwise i do in front of you God gives you a lot and a lot more in future to help me out….
    I will appreciate if you grant me a pad or a phone to fullfill my office condition…
    I heard somewhere if you help any real needy person God will give 100 time more in return…
    And as i promise ill promote you site on my social media and send you links which ill do thats my promise.
    God bless you Guys…(Peace)
    Email adress if any one can help me or donate me there old stuff; [email protected]

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