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Giveaway: Free Bottle Of Vegan/Prenatal DHA Supplements

Price: Free (Normally $24.99)
Quantity: 1 bottle (10-day supply)

We’re looking to build buzz and generate Amazon reviews, so we’re sending out as many free bottles as we can. The bottle is legitimately free and it’s totally optional for you to leave an Amazon review. We lose money on this, but enough people leave us an Amazon review that it’s worth it.

Diet Standards Prenatal DHA is an Omega-3 vitamin helps support brain development in your baby. Think of it like a fish oil, except made with Algae Oil so it doesn’t have any of the mercury or heavy metals fish oil has. Plus it’s 100% vegan.

If you’re interested in a free bottle, please visit the URL included. (enter by filling out a form)

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