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Hey! Giveaway Monkey is available to partner with brands/businesses through Giveaways Sponsorship Post (hosted giveaways).

We as the host will put together a giveaway which will be published together with a post (with simple blurbs about you) and promote it for you. The giveaway will accept entries via entry-form widget. While you as the Sponsor is responsible for providing and shipping of the giveaway prize(s) directly to the winner.

What’s difference between Giveaway Sponsorship Post and Featured Listing?

Basically, you’ll get more exposure in our Giveaway Hosting service than in Featured Listing as we promote it more extensively. Most of the time, we asked the help of other Giveaway Sites and bloggers to help us promote our hosted giveaways. Yes, they will post the same giveaway in their site thus more exposure for you.

Also, giveaways listed in our site are deleted once it’s ended while hosted giveaways remains in our site forever unless the sponsor asked us otherwise.

Lastly, as the giveaway host, we do all the work while you focus on more importants task in your business. Art of delegation as they say.

Giveaway Monkey has been hosting giveaways since 2012. So, instead of hiring an online marketer for just one giveaway why not trust someone who owns a giveaway site, knows a lot about giveaways, and has thousands of followers who all loves free stuff – why not hire us?!

Let’s get started! Contact Us now for more information! Check out some of the giveaways we had in the past:

hosted giveaways

What are you waiting for? Contact Us now and let’s start the promotion!


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