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Kinetic Wireless Doorbell Giveaway

60% discount on our SmileAfresh Kinetic Wireless Doorbell that requires no batteries. It has a unique mechanical energy conversion technology. Normal retail price is $39.99 but now for a limited time you could get it for $14.99

How it works? Once a user presses the doorbell button, that push action generates kinetic energy which is then converted to a signal. This signal is transmitted by the push button transmitter in waveform and received by the receiver chime. This interprets the message and produces both a light and a sound. These alert you that you have a visitor at the door.

An elderly or sick person in bed can also be given a push button to signal you or the person taking care of them since it is very safe to handle, and being based on push-action it wouldn’t fail at a critical moment. This is because no external power is needed for the push button. Pressing it is enough to ring the chime/receiver. (enter via Google+)

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