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Short Story Contest 2017 Giveaway

The Notion Press Malaysia Short Story Contest is an aid for first-time authors and writers to publish their work in an anthology and win prize money as well.

Notion Press has always encouraged writers to publish their work and explore their potential. In India, the company has brought out 2,800-plus books of around 2,600 different debut writers. They are currently in the process of expanding operations outside the country.

A recent venture—in an attempt to encourage writers in Malaysia—Notion Press has launched the Malaysia Short Story Contest, where writers can sign up, submit their stories and stand a chance of winning cash prizes of up to RM 3000.

About the contest:
The contest began on August 18th 2017 and will run till September 13th. You can write stories of any genre and submit as many entries as you wish to!

1. Register your details at the link here:
2. Login to the account and start writing a story between 1,000 to 2,500 words
3. Once the story is complete, you can submit and start sharing it with your friends and family to gain maximum points through votes
4. Editors will review the stories and points awarded by them will be added to the existing reader vote points, during the last week of the contest. This will finalize the top three winners
5. The top three winners will walk away with RM 3000, RM 2250 and RM 1500 respectively
6. The top 20 author pick will be published as an anthology and will be available for sale around the world

If you already have a book that you want to publish, call us on
+60 3-2630 8352 to discuss your book in detail. (enter by filling out a form)

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