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Are you ready to embark on your Columbus Day holiday? To promise to take your Columbus Day weekend to new heights, we’re providing an exciting giveaway to offer you a chance to win multifunctional LED desk lamps and 50% off codes for $499.99 Holy Stone HS720G foldable 4K WiFi GPS drones.

If you’re going to take the time to learn about Christopher Columbus, his voyages, and their historical significance, or to try some craft projects such as making a map of his travels or drawing a picture of his ships, don’t miss this dimmable LED desk lamp. It features 5 color modes ranging from warm yellow to cold white, delivering low heat, and low glare illumination to help reduce eyestrain and protect your eyes. Each mode is designed with 6 brightness levels to allow you to set the best light via touch control. 5W USB charging keeps your smartphones and multiple devices like e-readers charged at the same time, a bonus for your long-hours concentrated reading or working.

50% off codes for Holy Stone HS720G foldable 4K WiFi GPS drones are also offered. If you’re going to attend parades and events, or planning a gathering or outing with your family or friends, this drone would help you to capture stunning photos and videos and experience breathtaking aerial views.

✨👉 10 winners:
5 * Touch-control LED Lamp
5 * 50% off codes for Holy Stone HS720G foldable 4K WiFi GPS drones

Join us in celebrating this historical holiday with a fantastic giveaway! Best Luck!

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