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4 Foolproof Content Ideas for Beauty Vloggers Looking to Grow Their Audience

Hungry to break into the beauty vlogosphere?

Despite popular belief, doing so might be a lot easier than you might think.

Sure, there’s a lot of legwork involved in terms of making sure you have a professional-looking set-up and a magnetic personality.

But you know what perhaps matters even more than that for beauty vloggers that totally dominate on YouTube?


That means uploading on a regular basis and likewise having content ideas on deck that will attraction attention of new viewers and YouTube’s algorithm.

Whether you’re strapped for vlog ideas or are eager to grow your beauty channel once and for all, keep the following ideas in the back of your mind.

Travel Vlogs

Watching makeup tutorial after makeup tutorial can get a bit stale to your audience.

That’s why you’ll notice most beauty vloggers throw in travel vlogs into their feed for the sake of variety. This allows you to take your audience on a journey and likewise show off a bit of your personality in the process.

Travel also gives you the opportunity to test out brands and new fits in a totally different country than your own. The more exotic, the better: this oftentimes means taking a bit of time off for international travel.

For example, those in the United States might want to look into a Temporary Resident Visa to take an extended trip across Canada. From the cityscapes of Toronto to the whitecaps of Vancouver, there’s plenty of scenic beauty to take in which your viewers will love!

“Storytime” Vlogs

On a related note, sprinkle in content that allows viewers to get to know you better that aren’t 100% beauty-focused. Storytime vlogs that highlight embarrassing or heartwarming experiences are all the rage for making that ever-so-important emotional connection with your audience.

Some potential storytime ideas for beauty vloggers include makeup disasters or detailing what sorts of embarrassing styles you were into when you were younger. The awesome thing about such vlogs is that you don’t need to worry about fancy equipment or a detailed script to create them.

Specific Product Reviews and Tutorials

If you’re going the review route for make-up or certain styles, make a point to be as specific as possible.

Why? Much like on a written blog, SEO counts on YouTube. Placing specific keywords in YouTube titles (think: “l oreal liquid eyeliner black review”) can help you rank not only for relevant YouTube searches, but also Google inquiries. This likewise means including relevant terms and tags in your video descriptions to further lockdown your keywords.

If you can be one of the first reviewers on a fresh product, you can tap into precious, time-sensitive traffic and experience a nice little boost as a result.

Break Down Budget Brands

Reality check: not everyone looking for beauty tips has a bloated budget. As such, creative tutorials and reviews incorporating drugstore brands like E.l.f., NYX and LA Girl are a brilliant room.

These videos obviously won’t cost you an arm and a leg and likewise leave tons of room for creative freedom. For example, you could make a specific celebrity makeup tutorial using only budget brands. If you can tap into celeb styles from recent movies, award shows or music videos, you can once again reap the rewards of timely content.

There’s no denying just how competitive the beauty vlogging landscape is. Publishing the types of content outlined above can help you grow your audience over time as you cover the most popular topics that viewers are absolutely hunger for.

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