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4 iPhone 11 y 4 iPhone 11 Pro Giveaway

Welcome to a free, international iPhone 11 Giveaway, hosted by Mrwhosetheboss and EverythingApplePro!

Available to win are 4 x iPhone 11 base models, and 4 x iPhone 11 Pro base models

To enter, all you need to do is Visit and FOLLOW our social media accounts – You can enter as many or as few times as you’d like – The more entries, the better chance of winning!

The winners will be chosen and emailed automatically late on October 20th, and you’ll be able to see who won on the @mrwhosetheboss twitter page, with proof of purchases too

Please note, spam entries and fake entries will be filtered out, and entrants disqualified


  1. Kartik ram mehar says:

    If I can win this I got and think like a dream

  2. swaroop Sharma says:

    सर मैं आईफोन का बहुत बड़ा फैन हूं पराई फोन नहीं ले सकता मेरी जान मुझे आईफोन चाहिए गरीब आदमी है सनम हम इतना बड़ा नहीं ले सकते पैसा नहीं हमारे पास इतना

    • swaroop Sharma says:

      सर मुझे आईफोन होना है आईफोन का प्राइस बहुत है हम गरीब आदमी है हमारे पास इतना पैसा नहीं है मैं फैन बहुत पहले से हूं आई फोन का 7 प्लस से हूं

  3. Rumon says:

    Nice bro and nice website free iPhone 11pro in giveaway

  4. AYUSH says:

    Hi all the best for all of you Thanks

  5. Free I phone 11 pro in giveaway

  6. Free I phone 11 pro

  7. Rock says:

    I Wish to get a iphone 11….

  8. Pratik minj says:

    It’s website is really good and better I need to really I phone 11pro please don’t forget this comment you are very good and your website????

  9. Need a iphone 11 pro

  10. Pankaj singh says:

    Iphone 11pro mex

  11. Jadav NiL says:

    Sir Apki video both hard ap ase hi apana video late rahe ham sab apko full sport karange apse ho sake to muje I phone 11 pro deliver kare

  12. Ramgopal Yadav says:

    Sir please I need iphone 11pro so please select my name

  13. Sukhen bari says:

    Hello sir, i am Sukhen Bari and I have a YouTube channel and I am promote your device , thank you sir have a nice day

  14. Anthony Bustamante says:

    Please pick me!!! I need one, my phone broke.. ???

  15. Darlein says:

    Please make this dream of mine become real.

  16. Carl says:

    I really need phone for real

  17. Abraham ede says:

    Please i realy need the phone for i don’t have, using my friend’s to apply.i no thy lord will help me. thank’s

  18. saugat says:

    hello i was wondering to apply or not about this and finally i am applying for this giveaway in my point of view this phone is beast in settings also beast for money so wanting to get it but not possible so wanna win it

  19. Leah fergus says:

    Hello I would just like to say if I win thank you so much it will be a dream come true.i am turning 13 soon and it would be lovely to win something but best of look to everyone that has entered and again thank you so much.

    • Ahmad Faraz says:

      Hi,I would like just to say if I win thank you so much it will be a dream come to true.
      Best of luck everyone.

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