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6 Amazing Things to Do and see in St. Barts:

St.barts is one of the beautiful Caribbean islands which is located in between the U.S Virgin Island and St.kittu’s. This is a French-speaking Caribbean island which has long and beautiful white sand beaches.

This place provides opportunities for lots of water sport and hiking activities. Out of all the Carribean islands, this is one of my favorite spots just because of breathtaking beach visuals. This extraordinary island has lots of best places to visit and best restaurants to taste delicious seafood. Along with that, it also has some best places to stay in St.barts for your vacation.

As you are wondering about the best things to do and see in st.barts. I’ve prepared an impressive list of things which helps you to make your trip memorable.

So, let’s get into the list of best things to do and see in st.barts


6 Amazing Things to Do and see in st.barts:

  1.  Enjoy Fishing, Boating & Sailing:

    Boating & sailing is always the best experience for anyone. If you love to do kayaking & Sailing, then st.barts is the best place which you have to try.

    St.barts has one of the worlds best yacht havens in its capital city Gustavia. You can explore the yacht haven and take a ride deep into the sea. If you are new to the st.barts means, you can take a trip to the Gustavia harbor and rent a mega yacht. If you don’t want a yacht, then you can rent a jet ski, crewed motorboat, sailboat and so on in the harbor.

    Go into the middle of the sea and experience the fishing activity over there. If you are lucky enough then you can also watch the humpback whales. This is one of the best visual you ever see in this tour of st.barts. These humpback whales are mostly found in December to March months.

2.   Stunning Beach Exploration:

St.barts has 22 stunning beaches which are rich in white sand. All these beaches are unique and have their own specialty. If you are planning to visit st.barts means you should be visiting these amazing beaches to experience some graceful movements of your life.

In these beaches, you can find lots of topless tourists who love to enjoy the sunbathing experience. If you want to try, that means you can try sunbathing in most of the beaches. But in a couple of beaches, you won’t find shadow you have to take an umbrella for those places. Rest all sites has some shadow and are good to explore.  It’s always best to explore all the beaches in st.barts but if you are running of time means you should explore shell beach, Anse des Cayes beach, Colombier and au naturel Gouverneur beaches over there.

 3.   Don’t miss out to meet Marine Life through Scuba Diving in St.barts:

Never miss out to see marine life in st.barts. Usually, st.barts is a highly developed tourist spot which has preserved the local healthy aquatic habits just to protect the marine life.

The st.barts has five sanctuary zones throughout the island which provides underwater protection by allowing all the water sports activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, boating and more.

So, as a traveler, you should never miss out to see these marine life’s by Scuba diving. St.barts has worlds best scuba diving spots in the world. One of the best places you should experience scuba diving is at Kayli wreck.

It is the best spot which has a 30m dive where you can see all types of tropical fishes, sea turtles, eagle rays and so on. You can also find octopus and other rare species in this spot. So, never miss this opportunity to see them.

4.    Try Kitesurfing and Wind Surf in Grand Cul De Sac Beach:

If you love to do windsurfing and kitesurfing activities? Then you should be enjoying them at the St.barts Cul de sac beach.

This Grand Cul De sac beach is the favorite spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing in st.barts. Cul de Sac has a white sand beach with warm water and pleasant atmosphere, but it also has some strong winds which help you to full fill your windsurfing speed.

If you are interested in trying this activity means you can learn lessons from professional over there. You can find out surfing boards in the beach area. You can rent them for some time, and you can use them. Similarly, you will find all the kite stuff in the beaches itself.

5.    Do Shop until you get tried:

St.barts is known for its duty-free shopping. So, you can enjoy shopping in this French-Caribbean island. You can get the best shopping offers in this duty-free island which can save some dollars. If you want to do shopping for the entire day, then head over to the main base of shopping Gustavia.

This place is the head of shopping activities in st.barts, and it is also the capital city of St.barts. You’ll find some beautiful designer outfits in that market along with that you can also check out shops like Stephane & Bernard, Prada and more to get comfortably dresses.

The other major shopping area in the st.barts island is St.jean. You can find some best art galleries, artifacts, trendy swimwear and more in this st.jean town.

6.    Explore the wild Toiny Coast:

If you are eager to explore wild places of st.barts means, you should pay a visit to the Toiny coast. Just, take a walk on the st.bart’s Toiny coast area to find out the rocky shorelines and cliffs.

This is the best spot for kids to enjoy. But they have to be careful because the rocks over here are sharp. The water over here is better for surfing activities rather than the swimming activities. So, explore these rocky cliffs and other places to enjoy your tour.

These are the six amazing things to do in st.barts. You will find even more interesting things over here such as snorkelling, eating delicious food, exploring ruins of sweden and so on.

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