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7 Most Common Grooming Mistakes Men Make

Men think they do not need to put in a lot of work to groom themselves. Some only consider shaving the beard and getting a haircut as all the grooming they need.

On the contrary, there is a lot about a man’s body that requires attention. Anyone can tell the difference between a man that has put in the work to groom themselves and one who barely lifted a finger to care for their body. other than taking a shower and dressing sharply, there is more you can do; here are a couple of mistakes that will help you understand what you ought to be doing, vis-à-vis what you have been doing:

  1. Skipping the moisturizer

Most men think moisturizing is not a manly thing to do, so they leave it for women. However, it is a mistake to let your skin dry off in dehydration. While it is true that the skin does produce its own oil, it is not enough to last you an entire day.

If you want your skin to look smooth and healthy, you must remember to moisturize. However, you can opt for fragrance-free moisturizers. This way, you can keep it as manly as possible.

  1. Using cheap razors

You may think you are saving up a couple of bucks by buying cheap razors, but there is a disadvantage to it. Cheap razors are of substandard quality. This means that you may have to deal with razor burns, uneven shaves, cuts, ingrown hairs, and itchiness because of the quality of the razor. Opt instead for better quality blades like the Wahl chrome pro that will give you a perfect shave without much hassle.

  1. Unsightly Nails

Badly kept nails are not slightly for either men or women. Dirty nails can be a sign of poor hygiene and be a turn-off to people. Even though men are not big on manicures and pedicures, it does not mean that taking care of nails is a feminine thing to do.

You may not schedule an appointment every two weeks at a nail salon, but you can do something to improve the health of your nails. For one, your nails should always be clean. Any dirt particles underneath your nails do not belong there. You also want to ensure that they are well cut with a nail-cutter. It is a very bad habit to chew on nails. Clip your nails and smooth them up to maintain their health.

  1. Ungroomed body hair

Some men are hairier than others. It is one thing to get a nice haircut and shave your beard, but it is a whole different story when you have bodily hair. This includes hair in your ears, nose, chest, back, hands, and legs. Even though you may not need to shave every couple of weeks, letting the body hair grow out thick, coarse and long is a bad idea.

  1. Using too much perfume

As much as fighting bad odor is your goal, overusing your perfume is a terrible idea. Too much of it gives the impression that you are trying too hard to impress. Some scents can be very strong as to cause nausea and a lot of other discomforts to people. However, by not using a cologne, you stand the risk of emitting a filthy odor all day long. Find a safe balance in the use of cologne instead of trying either extremes.

  1. Rocking an oily skin

There is nothing fantastic about a man who looks very greasy and more like an oil slick than a well-kempt man. If you have oily skin, you can tame your oily look by using some products. Examples include shine stoppers, or simply using blotting papers to blot out the excess oils.

  1. Dirty clothes

People will address you according to how you dress. Whether you sweat a lot during the day or not, there is no solid reason for repeating clothes. Shirts, trousers or even socks should not be worn severally in a week. Washing your clothes and keeping them clean and ironed is a sure way to be well-groomed.


  1. Bloxorz says:

    7 mistakes but I feel they are hints for me to avoid. Great

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