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Enter to win a brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max 128 GB Worth $1099 for Free! Free iPhone 12 Pro Max Giveaway 2021. iPhone 12 Pro Max is the last product of Apple Company in the iPhone series. Apple generally does not reveal all the features of the phone during iPhone launches, and the iPhone 12 launch was no exception in this regard. The company did not include the detail features of the new iPhone at the launch, and instead preferred to focus on 5G support with design improvements. iPhone 12 Pro Max colors are Silver, Graphite, Gold, Pacific Blue. Apple decided to not launch models with 64GB anymore. The storage capacity of new models is 128GB, 256GB and 512GB.

How to get the iPhone 12 Pro Max fro free?
Nowadays it is very possible to keep iPhone 12 Pro for free. All you have to do is take part in our limited time discount competition and try your luck.

Follow Step:-

1. Go to win page>>> <<<
2. Select which model would you like, You select iPhone 12 Pro Max & click CONTINUE.
3. Choose your iPhone 12 color, capacity & type your e-mail then click CONTINUE.
4. You need to pass verification in order to receive your iPhone 12 Pro Max.
5. Complete 1 offers properly then go back to your e-mail.

If you lucky then you will get a brand new Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max without shipping cost.

Thank You!!


  1. You’ll no longer need to perform randomly statistics on lotto
    or perform casino activities without the method and end-up
    dropping your entire money.

  2. I’d really longed for a phone of my own,where I can snap my pic and no one would tell me to delete it that it takes storage memo😫
    Where I can stay on and no one will come take it away from me saying “I want my phone back”
    Phone is property,privacy and a teenager’s best friend.
    I need that,please help me with it😭😭😭

  3. Emmanuel says:

    Please I really need a phone for my online classes the phone I’m using right now glitches before the pandemic when I show my classmate my phone they will laugh at me and say I’m too poor please I really need a phone😭

  4. Sekinat says:

    I really need a phone. I would really appreciate it

  5. John mwangi says:

    Heloo am john and i need an iPhone so that i can ve able to advertise the iphone company

  6. I’m a Filipino student I’m 18 yrs old since 15 years old I need phone because I’m a poor Filipino citizens plss give me phone🙏🙏😢

  7. bam says:

    im a student and i need a phone for my online class. pleeease

  8. Mukesh says:

    Iam very poor please send me phone

  9. Liezl Andalan says:

    I will be grateful if i win a phone for my online class. Good luck and bless us all.

  10. Harrison pamela says:

    I will forever be grateful if you could please give me a phone

  11. Harrison pamela says:

    Pls I will forever be grateful if you pls give me a phone

  12. Geetha says:

    Please help how can I get this please could you help me please

  13. Abhinav. M says:

    I want a mobile phon plees

  14. Cassidy says:

    Hi my name is Cassidy it’s my heart’s desire to own a iPhone but due to financial reasons my grandparents cannot afford one😭 and I really need a phone for my studies at the moment I’m using my grandmother’s phone ☹️

  15. rg says:

    I cant enter the contest webpage say’s error 🙁 im just doing this on my computer but i wish i could have an iphone
    God I ask you that this person who is reading this has a home to live and enough food. God bless you <3

  16. Eden Fernandes says:

    I need to phone so my online classes and for my Daddy

  17. Eden Fernandes says:

    I leaders my daddy and for my online classes

  18. iPhone 12pro max free de do please

  19. Aamin says:

    Please give me iphone please 😢😢please please please please please please

  20. Lilitha Xangati says:

    Hy, I’ve been trying to enter other giveaways but I don’t have any luck, I hope I win this one

  21. Amanie Grant says:

    You’ll probably never see this message but pleeeeeaaaaassee can I get an iPhone I’ve always wanted one but couldn’t afford one I’ve been trying out all social media sites but have failed so please help me please am begging u..

  22. Balulekile says:

    I would be happy if I win one for a change i have been trying to join another giveaway but no luck bug i hope this one will make me the happiest person ever😔😔😔

  23. hi you guys i appropriate what you guys doing but i need a iphone be because i am 14 everyone making fun of me because i don’t have and my family can’t afford it i live in pixley

  24. Pathania ji says:

    Hy everyone my phone is very bad please send me new phone i am thankful to you

  25. Kavya says:

    I need this mobile and it helps me lot to teach my students in online it is very required to me

  26. Kavya says:

    I need this mobile to teach online classes and I don’t have a mobile it is very important to me plz give me this mobile

  27. Kavya. B says:

    I need this phone to teach online classes I don’t have a mobile it is very important to me plz give me this mobile

  28. Awais umer says:

    Please give me iphone I will be thankful for you so much Bless you

  29. Siddhesh Sampat Shinde says:

    Hi, just plz 1 phone give my study

  30. Cheese girl says:

    Idk if this is real, but I rlly need a phone. I’m 12 and my friends make fun of me. My family can’t afford a phone but yea 🙂

  31. Ambika says:

    Hi all
    Please give me iPhone

  32. HIi my name is shanell am 12 i am a bully girl bc i have no phone so i get hate on my name thx .

  33. hi am 12 and i need phone ;/

  34. Pooja says:

    Please give me i phone i have no phone 😓😓

  35. Pooja says:

    Please give me i phone i have no phone 😓😓

  36. rose owens says:

    I am 14 and need a phone so I can talk to my dad and for my babysitting job.

  37. Analyn suarez says:

    I hope I will be chosen here because I haven’t had an iPhone yet. I hope by the grace of God I will be chosen here, that’s all, thank you godbless the distributors

  38. I want to get ipone 12

  39. Sarabjit Sidhu says:

    This is just fake,,,don’t waste your time… one will give you an iphone fo free hard and your iphone …these just make fool of you …

  40. Asra Fatima says:

    This is real or not

  41. hi i am from guyana and i never had a iphone in my life or any phone at all so can u guys bless me with one please

  42. i need new phone for online class plsss thankss

  43. plss give me this phone i dont have phone then i am poor.

  44. Jack Arron says:

    Wow…Maybe i am win!!!

  45. Please refresh my iphone 11

  46. Angelakatecoronel says:

    Umm…I need some phone for my online class pls 🙏❤️

    • This offer is valid throughout the year. So click on the ENTER GIVEAWAY HERE button or go to win page. Then complete the form & 100% complete 1 offer. If you win then a congratulation e-mail from USA.

  47. Lameka says:

    Plz I’m I don’t have no phone no nothing plz I’m begging u

    • Hi Lameka,
      Thank For Comment. Please participate this contest. Go to win page and complete the form. You must 100% complete an offer. If you win then a congratulation e-mail from USA.

  48. I am poor man help you gift for one mobile phone

  49. vishal says:

    i don’t know you read this comment.
    but i need my phone cracked, my dream …

  50. manash matilal says:

    That’s why I can’t afford it, so I don’t want such expensive things

  51. Saad says:

    Need iphone for my friend because he has cancer 😢🙏 please pray for him


    I really need a phone 😃😟😞plz can you give me it is my dream since 2019 but today I wish I have

  53. Liyah says:

    Hey I really need a phone and I can’t get a job

  54. Laiba Tariq says:

    I have very need for my studies bit i can not buy plz give me i wish can i buy this

  55. joy c says:

    Hi, just need an iphone for my studies. Wish I can get one…

  56. Nayan dad says:


  57. Kaydence says:

    Hey I really need a phone for my grandma she needs it and I can’t get a job

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