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  1. emperor says:

    i really need this because i tired so many times but nothing but i think this is my chance

  2. Nutty Amby says:

    Hello, I am 13 and my mum can only give me a brick phone. I am teased and bullied relentlessly at school for ‘being stuck in the old-age’. I would love an iPhone XS (any colour and GB) or an iPhone XR (red or coral blue). You might think I am making this up but it’s really not fair on me. My older sister got a iPhone 6 when she was my age. Right now, my mum is not doing well at work so I understand that she doesn’t haven’t any money for my smartphone. I would be eternally grateful if I could receive an IPhone. Thank you thank you thank you! You’re the best for organising this!

    • Nutty Amby says:

      I’ve tried all the giveaways on YouTube and online; if I don’t win this one, well, maybe I should just give up. Thank you even if I don’t win and yes, I do realise I am under 18 but please please please let me win.

  3. I really need a win because I have tried several times but I get nothing. This really my chance to win.

  4. adna hirsi says:

    l wanna win bc l really don’t have a phone an my mom don’t have enough money to buy me one l really wanna iphone xr in yellow thank you guys if l win if not still thank you.

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