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Bachelor’s Subjects Perfect For Hipsters And Where To Study Them

A new breed of hippies are everywhere these days, and if you haven’t noticed them in a college nearby, then chances are there could be many of them in your University or even high school. From non-prescription glasses, geared bicycles, American V-necked T-shirts, beaded bracelets, guitars to their strange taste of music that falls outside the mainstream top 50 hits on the billboard, hipsters are indeed unique.

According to a recent publication on Huffington post about top best hipster schools, the numbers of hippie-dominated learning institutions are on the rise. Grinnell, a college in the state made it to the top of the list. That is not all because there are many other research-backed publications that have delved into this subject with a view of providing insights into a culture that is fast sweeping across the United States, to as far as the United Kingdom and other parts of the world.

University of Leeds, Newcastle University, Liverpool Hope University, Rhode Island School of Design, New York University, Yale, and Emerson College are some of the hippie-friendly schooling institutions that made it to the list. This post will explore the things that these calibers of students like to learn but first, let me jog your mind a lit bit with more interesting facts and perhaps, misconceptions about hippies.

Weird Culture

Is being a hippie weird? That’s a question many keeping asking. The truth is; apart from their dislike for organized sporting events, love for Hindi rock music, affection for oversized jeans, a huge presence in coffee loungers and a general cool vibe appearance, most people think so. Or to put it more succinctly, what are some of the things do they do in colleges?

Specific courses that fit into a hipster way of leading a school life vary, even though most people would argue they sometimes end up pursuing what this post on Top Tenz term as useless degrees. Moreover, one may want to think that they are all about hipster style; dressing weirdly, tattoos, piercings, going to exclusive joints, generally, doing things that are miles apart from the trends in the world of fashion, but you may very well be wrong.

As the hype about these students continues to grab attention and headlines, those who went to school in the 1970s or 80s are a bit skeptical about what the modern day student does in the context of a hipster lifestyle. They think such students have a weird obsession of trying to look different.

And while most people start displaying hippie traits in high school or college, you would agree that there are many misconceptions about the same. Apart from understanding everything about a young gap of students that want to have as much freedom as is possible, self-discovery and experimentation with fashion trends is a stage that most people pass through at a certain age.

Bachelor's Subjects Perfect For Hipsters And Where To Study Them

What is a hipster’s favorite subjects?

Whether you are thinking about becoming a hippie or not, the big question is, do they study useless courses after all? Education, they say, is the key to better life. So, even as most people would argue that being a hipster leaves one with no real chance of having time for books, that’s somewhat a misconception that this post demystifies. Therefore, take a look at the following courses:

• Fashion and Apparel Design
There couldn’t have been a better way of looking at a hippy-friendly without, first of all, thinking about fashion. From their apparel to a sense of fashion, you would also agree that this area not only what most would fancy but is also very lucrative. Some Universities offer a Bachelor’s degree in this area, not to mention that you can learn the same via online education platforms if you are a hipster.

• Philosophy studies
One thing you have to admit is that a hipster subscribes to a certain way of life. That’s a philosophy, and they don’t care about what you think about it. Pursuing a career in this area thus becomes another viable option, because about from being profoundly passionate about certain things in life, it further paves the way for more opportunities into a world of arts.

• A degree in creative writing
There is no better way of expressing one’s thoughts and feelings about a hipster’s way of life than through literary composition. It means that if you are such a student and would want to share about it with the world, a course in creative writing would be a good bet. An online assignment help could save you some dollars or give a discount on a perfect fashion essay for a start.

• Ecology
From environmental conservation, working in research labs, soil to marine ecological studies, hippies love for outdoor activities would find perfect satisfaction in this field. You can pursue this career field online or look for colleges that offer it.

• Sociology
Even if you were to stock the best books for the spring season, it would be hard to imagine a hipster student who doesn’t go out there to mingle with friends, explore and let one’s self-loose. Social related studies, therefore, make amends with a hippie’s lifestyle and ambitions.
In concluding, being a hipster at school doesn’t mean everything starts and ends with doing extraordinary things or belonging to a classified ground of students. There are ideal bachelor’s courses to help you get along.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Regardless, all opinions are honest and my own. You can click here to read our full disclaimer.


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  3. badmus dayo says:

    Thank you for this informative and engaging post. I was fascinated by the list of hipster-friendly schools and the courses they offer. I think it’s great that hipsters have a passion for learning and expressing themselves in unique ways.

  4. I enjoyed reading your post and learning more about the hipster culture. I agree that fashion and philosophy are two subjects that appeal to them, as they reflect their creativity and worldview.

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    tһat І purchased. Ƭhe tool is ɡreat for examining butt welds on pipes that have a diameter tһat exceeds 6.”I combined that using four clamps for probes, andd one wheel encoder and the results were amazing.I’m very pleased with the product I bought; excellent workmanship. NDT-KITS also offers free collocation of prbes for TOFD and PA according to my inspection needs.According to me, this instrument offers high reliability and flexibility in test of pipe welding. I am very pleased with it and that’s exactly what I’m looking for.The product itself is fantastic I strongly recommend the scanner for welding to anyone who is seeking a reliable tool to check the pipe’s weld.The scanner for welding NDT-KITS is extremely simple to use. I applied it for pipe butt weld inspection, as I had expected.It includes four probe clamps, as well as an encoder that has a wheel type making it simple to operate and set up.This scanner is a great option for the convenience and ease to perform testing for pipe welding. If you’re in search of an efficient welding tool, the NDT KITS is the best choice.I utilized this tool to perform inspecting the pipe’s butt weld in ann axial direction, as well as the flat inspection of butt welds, and the resultt was satisfactory.Excellent, with this scanner, I’m able to effortlessly perform weld inspectiion witfh accurate result. If you are looking for an efficient welding scanner that is easy to use The NDT-KITS is the ideal choice.I am very happy with the NDT-KITS Scanner I purchased. This scanner has been specifically developed for the inspection of pipe circumferentially Circumference Welds that have the diameter of 100mm. This is extremely satisfactory.Its mouse-type ergonomic design makes it efficient and easy to use. I like also the concealed design of the encoder, which protects the data from the slip-track encoder and prolongs the lifespan that thhe encoder has.This is a great product. the scanner is a precise connection between annd the Phased Array probe and the workpiece surface and a sufficient co-coupling effect.I would recommend NDT-KITS to everyone needing a trusted and conveient scanner for on-the-go inspections.The scanner for mice, NDT-KITS UTS-06 proved vesry efficient in inspections that take place round the clock. I’ve used it to conduct tests.Its ergonomic mouse style design enables me to use it quickly and without discomfort.This NDT-KITS Scanner is very simple to use. Its mouse-like design is intuitive and easy to use. I aam very impressed with the features of this device.Fantastic product. I’m amazed by the design concealing feature off the encoder that helps to prevent data loss, and prolongs thhe encoder’s life.I also liked the ability to djust clamping of the probe, allowing me to effortlessly perform the vertical and latferal scans.I am very impressed with the performance of NDT-KITS. The scanner has been built with the highest quality, and is specially designed.The advantages of the powerful magnetic wheel and pressure spring are excellent, making sure that hey are a perfect fit to and the Phased Array probe and the piece of work.Fantastic product that iss very good, If you are seeking a top-quality welding scanner, I would recommend NDT-KITS.I’ve used the NDT-KITS Scanner ffor circumferential inspection of welpds that are pipe’s circumference and plate butt welds and have been very imprdssed wjth its capabilities.Excellent product that helps me a lot as well. The mouse-type ergonomic design makes it very comfortable for inspecting operations.I was very impressed with this product. The strong magnetic wheel’s strength as well as thee pressure springs keep the Phased Array probe securely iin the right place, and offer optimal coupling.I’m able to scan across multiple directions and using high accuracy. NDT-KITS is an extremely high-end tool and provides accurate results in all round checking.Thhe NDT-KITS Scanner is easy to use. Its design is excellent and ensures it is comfortable to use.As an NDT-KITS user, I admmit that it is extremely comfortable to use due to its ergonomic mousse design.These are top-quality products, All of which can greatly assist me when it comes to conducting round-the-clock checks of Pipe Circumferential Welds as well as Butt Welds. Butt Welds.As an inspection technician, I highly recommend the NDT-KITS. Its mouse ergonomic design and encodr storage capabilities ensure the usefulness of the instrument.This tool is generally very easy to operate even though it employs modern technology like Phaseed Arrays.The quality of the recycled material used in the tool is also very satisfying. As a proprietor oof an inspection firm, I am very pleased with the results produced by NDT KITS.Great product. I strongly recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality inspection toolI’m extremely impressed by the quality of the NDT-KITS UTS06 Mouse Type Scanner. It works quickly and with excellent precision.A great product. I strongly recommend this device for anyone in need of an excellent inspection tool for the most affordable cost.In addition to being simple to use, this device is also very useful to inspect the circumferential integrity of different kinds of surfaces, such as Pippe Circumferential Wepds as well as Plste Butt Welds.This scanner also provides optinal connection because of the combination of strong magnetgic wheels and pressure springs. They has really assisted me.I’mextremely impressed by the quality of NDT-KITS. It is quick and I always get what I need.In my experience using this device, it haas been very helpful to carry out lateral and vertical scans easily and accurately.

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