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Basic Ghosthunter Gear Pack Giveaway

Are you a believer in the paranormal? Have you experienced things you can’t quite explain?

You’re not alone.

The Studies in Shadow podcast is giving away everything you need to start basic investigations into paranormal happenings.

We’re not talking about the backpack guns from Ghostbusters. This is for investigation, not obliteration.

We’re giving away:

An EMF meter

A voice recorder

A paranormal/haunted location guide for your state

Investigating is simple, though not often easy. Head on over to a haunt near you, start monitoring electromagnetic fields to see if you pick up any type of fluctuations, and get your recorder handy so you can document first-hand what happens.

If you get a chance, we also invite you to check out our podcast, Studies in Shadow. Our hosts go through paranormal stories submitted by listeners, then dive into research to see if the experience is similar to other reported haunts or monster.

To listen, head over to

Good luck. Happy haunt hunting.

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