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Beat The Shops!

Sometimes stores, both online and physical can take you for a ride. They use specialist ways, designed in some cases by top psychologists to ensure you spend your money. An example can be seen in supermarkets. You will notice that in-store bakeries are always placed further back at the store. Most people purchase bread as part of the shop, this is an element of it forcing your hand. The smell of fresh bread entices people in, and having the bakery strategically located means you have to walk through the store to get to it, past other alluring items. They are quite clever, but be smarter and you can beat them.

Always Check For The Offers

Try not to be brand loyal, it limits your choice. Sure you may favour a certain brand but sometimes they are really similar and alike, so why be loyal when you can spend less money on something else? There are always offers going. Consider looking before dropping something into your basket. This applies online too, you can always save some more money online if you are careful. Be sure to compare the prices and look for offers such as voucher codes, you can find more out online at Sure, it takes a little bit of extra time having to look for the better offers, but if you are serious about finding these offers then it doesn’t take too much time to have a quick browse or skim through some other isles in the shop just to be sure.

Take A List

Mainly applicable to supermarkets. Be sure you take a list with you of exactly what you need and are setting out for. If you do this you can avoid all unnecessary purchases which can sometimes heavily eat into your finances. Be strong and don’t fall to temptation. Tick the items off the list as you go around. You’ll note how the essentials aren’t in close locations, this is to ensure you are dragged around the shop and see more offers so that you are more inclined to pick extra things up. Keep your head down, get what you want and get out. It can save you a lot of money.

Use Coupons

You can find coupons everywhere. Print them off, or just make sure you use store given ones that come out from time to time. They can help supplement your outgoings. Just remember to bear in mind that they sometimes give you vouchers that lean to other items. They want you to buy more. Be clever and don’t.

Switch Stores

Do your research and switch stores whenever you can. It can save you a lot of money. This is because stores have different offers on at different times. As a result, you can end up with the best of all worlds. Make sure you check out the offers online before deciding which shop to go to and you can ensure you make the best saving. Remember, they all sell the same things. Try not to be store loyal.

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