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A Walk in Cloud Computing

Well, this cloud doesn’t bring rain nor an autumn song with the clear blue sky. But this Cloud is your trouble-shooter in the modern world of internet based activities and even businesses. With the modern businesses, transactions, small and large companies, even students, depending heavily on thousands of pages of data downloaded from the internet, one needs a system to store and manage this uphill data task. The Cloud is that meeting ground for data, once stored in its location as files, the user has an anytime, anywhere access to the data thus stored. Just like one accesses sites like Google from any machine sitting in any part of the globe, similarly, a Cloud user can also reach the files stored in the Cloud database from any device.

Based on a technology that saves cost and time, Cloud is specially designed to ensure a user doesn’t lose data and can work on the saved data as and when required. It’s a user-friendly system, that has almost become a necessity for business. And why not?

In a computerised world, data loss due to system failures, power cuts, machine malfunction, and even adverse weather conditions is quite common. But these data probably had been written or acquired by the user after days of hard work and hence their loss can be devastating. The Cloud Computing system helps the user to save files and update them automatically, ensuring that even if there is a system failure, the files will not be erased. It even creates copies of files lying in an off-site database so that they can be accessed from anywhere.

If you are not in office and need to work while travelling, the Cloud helps, by allowing you to access data from devices like netbook, i-pad and even high-end mobile phones. Thus, you carry your data anywhere you go and do not even need a desk top or laptop to operate and view them.

Sharing information through Cloud helps a team of professionals to work together and share their data even if they are based at different locations. Cloud Computing does it through sharing links and not via bulk e-mail.

Songs you love to hear, voices you wish to recall, images you want to see or even graphs and pie-charts to be used in some official presentation can be easily stored on Cloud. Otherwise, such bulk files take up lot of space in the computer hard disk, threatening the system to crash on and off.

One can even use the additional services provided by Cloud, like a business growth plan, at a nominal charge.

The system being user-friendly even for those users who are not technologically sound can use it with ease.

In small businesses one doesn’t need to maintain a technical team if one uses Cloud as they run apps to teach the user how to operate and act as trouble shooters. In the process one saves a lot of money.

So next time you think of data storage think of the Cloud.

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