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Different Types of Sweepstakes that You Can Enter

Different Types of Sweepstakes that You Can Enter

Are you interested in entering sweepstakes to win exciting prizes? Perhaps you might have already entered a few and want to know about more such opportunities. There are certainly several sweepstakes than you might not be aware of. Let us have a look at the various types of sweepstakes which you can enter.

What type of sweepstakes can you enter?

If you think all sweepstakes are alike then you should perhaps know that it’s not true. Each sweepstake has a mechanism of its own and differs than the other sweepstakes out there. Let us look at the myriad of sweepstakes which you can enter.

Sweepstakes which are organized through the way winners are selected

You should check this aspect and decide which sweepstake you wish to enter. Are the winners in this sweepstake chosen randomly or does the public vote for them? Can you improve your chances of winning by entering at the right time?


People often use the term sweepstakes and contests thinking that they mean the same. However, this is not the case as a sweepstake is essentially a giveaway in which the winner is drawn randomly. Everyone who enters stands a chance to be drawn equally.

Instant win sweepstakes

Instant win sweepstakes work differently. The winning time is selected beforehand randomly such that there is one winning time for each prize. So after having decided the time, the person who will play the game first is the one who wins the prize.


Contests are different than sweepstakes and in this, the winners are selected by judges. Herein the judge is known to have a specific skill. For instance, the judge might be an expert in a said field and would see whether the entrant is the perfect fit for the prize. So you can select these contests based on the skills which you are good at. That will decide whether your chances of winning are bright or not.

Sweepstakes that are organized based on the entry method

The sweepstakes you enter also vary according to the entry method. Let us explore the options which you have.

Online sweepstakes

This sort of sweepstake is very easy to enter as all you need is a computer and a steady internet connection. It is very easy to enter an online sweepstake and it is also free of charge. The latest type of sweepstakes is post sweepstakes/Nintendo switch.  One aspect you should be aware of is that the online sweepstakes have a lot of competition as it is very easy to enter and the chances to win are very thin.

Email Sweepstakes

As the name suggests, email sweepstake is an online sweepstake wherein you directly send an email to the sponsor along with the entry information. It is free to enter and the chances of winning are always better than the other sweepstakes. It might be very time-consuming but you will stand a chance to enter a sweepstake that you can win faster.

Mail Sweepstakes

This form differs from the rest in that you should enter the sweepstake via postal mail. Very few people make an effort to enter this sort of sweepstake which means that your chances of winning naturally increase. On the other hand, this type of sweepstake will need a lot of time and you will have to pay for the postage.

Call-in sweepstakes

In this type of sweepstake, you are supposed to call on a given sweepstake number to shared your entry details. A representative will speak to you with whom you can share the details of the entry. This is a very infamous type of a sweepstake which is why your chances of winning are high. However, you would have to take out time to make the call. While you do so you should be very careful about the hidden charges also.

Drop boxes

You must have seen the dropbox entries in malls, local businesses, and supermarkets. All you need to do is to fill an entry form and then put it in the dropbox. It is absolutely free and very easy to enter. These type of sweepstakes only have local entries. This increases your odds of winning. On the downside, you have to know where these sort of sweepstakes are going on. And when they are happening you would have to be present in the location. There have been instances when the dropbox sweepstake has turned out to be fake also. you must steer clear of such scams and judge them right. Do you wish to enter a trending sweepstake that has a good chance of winning? Then you can consider giving post sweepstakes/Nintendo switch a try! A lot of people have won huge prizes lately.

Text message sweepstakes

It is a common mode of advertisement wherein radio channels mentions about the text message sweepstakes where the lucky winner gets prizes. These prizes are usually movie tickets and concerts or at times they could be as grand as cash and cars too. Even though it might seem fake, these sweepstakes are legitimate and people have indeed won amazing gifts through them.

Blog contests

Blogs have become a great platform for strongly voicing an opinion on the internet. Several blogs already have a good readership which means that a lot of people actively visit the blog regularly. Therefore, companies pursue bloggers to host the sweepstakes for them. Your chances of winning such contests are high as very fewer people enter them. Since there are so many blogs out there you can face difficulty in entering their sweepstakes. Here are some tips for winning blog contests/sweepstakes.


  • One entry sweepstakes: In this type of sweepstake a single person, a computer or an IP address can enter the said contest one time alone. This means that everybody has the same chance to win. Are you someone who doesn’t have a lot of time each day for entering sweepstakes? Then this sort of contest will be the best suit for you.


  • Daily sweepstakes: These are the sweepstakes which you can enter daily. If you are regular and enter the sweepstakes daily then your chances of winning are naturally high. But you will need that sort of time and dedication to make an entry every single day.


  • Weekly sweepstakes: The weekly sweepstakes are rare as they only occur once in a week. In case you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of time for entering then this sort of sweepstake would be perfect for you.


  • Monthly sweepstake: one monthly sweepstake can award one prize for each month of entry. Otherwise, one grand prize is given for the end of each entry period.


  • Unlimited sweepstake entries: This is a type of sweepstake wherein you can enter as many times as you would wish. It should be noted that you need to have a lot of time for these sweepstakes.


  • Odd entry sweepstakes: These are the sweepstakes that have an irregular entry period. For instance, it might allow you to enter every two weeks or at times you could be allowed to enter as per different lengths of periods. This is a pretty complicated type of entry which you should ideally research a lot about.


  • Ongoing sweepstakes: An ongoing sweepstake will essentially fall in any of the brackets mentioned above. There is no such expiration date for this sweepstake. The sponsor alone would announce when the sweepstake is going to be over. The giveaway prizes will be awarded on a monthly or weekly basis.

Sweepstakes which are organized according to the prize

Sweepstakes could be fun as it has a lot of categories with the help of which you can filter it. Who wouldn’t like to win an exciting prize? But imagine if someone who cannot travel gets a trip to Greece and the one without any license would get a brand new car. It turns out to be of no use at all. This is why you should first check what is being offered before entering any sweepstake. Let us know the type of sweepstakes as per the winning price.

Car Sweepstake: This is an amazing type of sweepstake wherein you get to win a car, a boat, truck or any other vehicle. If the prize interests you then you should enter the sweepstake.

Cash sweepstakes: This sort of sweepstake has very flexible prizes. You can win money in several forms. For instance, you can get a huge sum of cash or even check upon winning. Moreover, you can also get gold coins or gift cards and the like. If you can’t wait to get started then you should start looking for such sweepstakes soon.

Vacation sweepstakes: have you always wanted to fly to an exotic location with your beloved family or friends? Well, this sort of sweepstake can help you in fulfilling your wish. It could be a trip to Disneyland or a free cruise. It could also be a ravishing trip to las vegas or vacation to a beautiful destination. Have you always fantasized about receiving the tickets for an amazing place? Then why wait when you can enter this type of a sweepstake.

Electronic sweepstakes: Are you a tech-savvy person? Do you vouch by the amazing gadgets and would be delighted to receive them? Then the electronic sweepstakes are one of the perfect options for you. You can stand a chance to win a laptop, an iPad, a smart tv and the like.

Sweepstake based on the type of entrant

What is the point of entering a sweepstake if you cannot win it? Every sweepstake has eligibility criteria which you must qualify. Your chances of winning can be high if you belong to the group which is targeted by the sweepstake.

Country-based eligibility

The sweepstakes mentioned herein are mostly related to the U.S but you can check them as per your country also. make sure to always check the eligibility in terms of citizenship while you enter.

Local sweepstakes

There are sweepstakes which are only limited to a specific geographical area. For instance, it is limited to the counties or certain states and towns. Things like the dropbox which is found in your local store is a good example. You can make the most of such an opportunity. This is because not everyone enters the sweepstakes as they don’t have the time to look into the details and since it is only confined to a specific region, the chances of your win are high.

Profession based sweepstakes

Then there are sweepstakes which are targeted for people who are in a certain type of business. For instance, you might be required to be in technology or banking to participate and the like. It is crucial to always read the eligibility otherwise you will end up wasting your time for something that is not even valid for you.

Social media sweepstakes

Just like all the popular type of sweepstakes like post sweepstakes/Nintendo switch, you can also find sweepstakes on social media platforms. Let us look at the different sweepstakes one can enter.

Twitter sweepstakes

Twitter is a platform which allows you to communicate just within messages of 140 characters or even less. Companies and brands are always looking for participants to tweet using the said hashtag for a sweepstake. Not many sweepers have joined twitter sweepstakes so far which means that you stand a chance to be a winner. However, make sure that you check how legitimate the sweepstake is.

Facebook sweepstakes

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms wherein you can follow friends and family. It is also very popular for sharing pictures and commenting. A lot of people are busy in their hectic lifestyles so they don’t have the time to participate in Facebook sweepstakes. This certainly increases your odds of winning. You can search for sweepstakes using the relevant hashtags.

Thus, you have umpteen options as far as sweepstakes are concerned. Do your research to find the sweepstake which best suits you. Apply consistently and you will soon see the prizes coming in.


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