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  1. Melodie says:

    Both sound absolutely amazing

  2. Harshita says:

    Very useful product

  3. Shikha Singh says:

    I like the Halberde more!

  4. marlene a harris says:

    pick me great prize thank you

  5. Akhil gupta says:

    This channel always provide useful and accurate info

  6. victor aparicio says:

    I would like to win the Halberd Gatekeeper because I see it with more usability and then I can buy the application

  7. Brandon Sparks says:

    I would choose the Halberd for sure because it is by far the better option..

  8. chijioke victor says:

    I love to win

  9. Patricio says:

    I choose the Gatekeeper Halberd cause I think itยดs a better option


  10. Lorna Webster says:

    I’d like to win the Halberd as a gift for my partner who would love it!

  11. srkmsnhc says:


  12. Syroz says:

    the both is actually great but i would choose Gatekeeper Halberd

  13. Fabrizio says:

    I hope to win this useful product

  14. Boonce says:

    nice one, thank you

  15. Jerin says:

    The halberd seems more useful

  16. Ashari Abriando says:

    i hope i win this stuff

  17. Leela says:

    I’d love it to try something new.

  18. Ogo says:

    very interesting!

  19. Sebbas says:

    I like the product

  20. Ramiro Lasso says:

    Finally a worthy gatekeeper!!!

  21. michu says:

    GateKeeper Halberd because of WIRELESS & HANDS FREE SECURITY

  22. Karo says:

    I prefer GateKeeper Halberd, I like its idea.

  23. Michele Pineda says:

    I think the Halberd might be the best option, while I have a newer PC my daughter and hubby have older ones so it would be better to go that route. I like this product, it would offer piece of mind when not using the computer sometimes I leave it on and do things around the house, this way I can rest easy-the same when using a laptop, I often take that to work or my daughter takes it to school so being out in public it is a good thing have the computer locked while you are away from it.

  24. Talha Ur Rehman Khan says:

    Nice One Giveaway is

  25. Taiyyab Jamali says:

    wanna win this giveaway

  26. Saif Khan says:

    Oh My God Such A Beautiful Giveaway Thanks For The Wonderful Amazing Opportunity Thanks

  27. Robert says:

    STATE OF THE ART SECURITY. Not sure which one I need. Both sound great.

  28. Ronnie O says:

    I would Like peace of mind. Both sound great.

  29. Linda Meranda says:

    Great for protection, especially passwords. Would be nice to have.

  30. Sandra Watts says:

    This would be nice to have. Thanks for hosting.

  31. Laurence Price says:

    My sister would love this. Halberd would be my choice.

  32. Jorge Granda says:

    Great product and I definitely need it to secure my data.

  33. Priscilla Bryant says:

    Both sound amazing! If i had to choose it would have to be Halberde! I am excited about the possibility of winning! Thank you for the opportunity!

  34. Marissa Jimenez says:

    I’d like to win this as a gift to my best friend to use!

  35. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    I would love to win the Gatekeeper Halberd since it has independent hardware.

  36. AD says:

    I would love the Halberd; I like that its not attached to my smartphone (I am not allowed as per work).

  37. Calvin says:

    Would like to win trident to product my pc, and wireless connections

  38. Heather Swanson says:

    This would be a gift for my son-in-law Matt

  39. Abhay Gupta says:

    I want to win this giveaway. …..

  40. Muhammad ardiansyah says:


  41. ha14 says:

    Thanks for the contest, Gatekeeper Halberd because its independant hardware.

  42. Joyce Delos Santos says:


  43. cho bon kim says:

    I like the product

  44. John Agwazim says:


  45. Eugene Kozlovsky says:

    I like Halberd more. Because it is more practical and easier to use.

  46. Germaine Harrison says:

    I like the Halberd because it would make my live easier without having to worry about my laptop so much.

  47. Erin N says:

    This would be amazing to win because I would love it and I never win ๐Ÿ™ lol Thanks for the chance!

  48. Dorin says:

    Halberd is more practical, i could finally not worry taking a break and moving my laptop around

  49. Michael Smart says:

    This is ideal to stop the children pressing keys on my laptop when I leave the room

  50. Nigel Soper says:

    Both seem grat but I think the Trident could be good for me.

  51. Maika says:

    I both sound nice but iโ€™d love the Halberd

  52. Jan R says:

    I like Halberde and it would be nice to win something

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