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Get a chance to win iPhone 11 Pro Max 2020 Giveaway

Get a chance to win iPhone 11 Pro max 2020 .

Test your luck.

This is an International Giveaway. Winner will get an email after giveaway completion.

Thank you!


  1. Taiye says:

    I know I’m not going to win, but I will just try, my only wish is to win and I can carry on with my courses cos my phone can do what is required for my course so I just hope to win

  2. Kc says:

    Winners list of previous giveaway

  3. Fena Antiampo says:

    I really need a cellphone for school purposes i always barrowed mothers phone but its not enough because she always get busy with work relaged using her cellphone so i cant cope up with the activities that needed to be search in google.i’m sudying in a public school and i cant afford to buy a cellphone because my mothers salary is not enough to buy a cellphone.

  4. Please I need a better phone

  5. Kc says:

    Is this legit and will winners also be declared this july

  6. Aqsa says:

    I phone 11giveway

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