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Get a Free Brand New iPhone 12 Pro Right Now !! Giveaway

Get a Free Brand New iPhone 12 Pro Right Now !!

As a promotional offer, we are giving away free Apple iPhone 12 Pro for a limited time. Every winner will receive iPhone 12 Pro 64, 256, 512 GB, worth $999 / $1,099 / $1,299. This is International, so anyone in this world is free to participate. To know anything for this giveaway comment on our post below.

1. It is an international giveaway.

2. All winners will get an email after the giveaway ends.

3. The winner will be chosen at random.

4. The participant have to follow all steps complete properly.

Thank You so much!!


  1. Mhiz beauty says:

    Hi am mhiz beauty from nigeria i will be happy if i can win this phone

  2. Isidor Jr. E. Fuentes says:

    hi i am isidor Jr. E. Fuentes and i,m from Philippines i hope you can giveaway for me a cellphone Free Brand New iPhone 12 Pro please please please

  3. Myrel Tome says:

    Hi i am Myrel From Philippines i hope i win this i phone i had no cell phone using for my online class its very hard for me as a student to take for school beacause it online class and i had no cellphone hope you understand an pick me as a winner. Thank You very much. and GOD BLESSED

  4. David says:

    i will win a smartphone

  5. Dolly says:

    Please give me an IPhone..I hope i win it because i my current phone is not funcfioning well😢😢😢❤

  6. Thank you for this opportunity. I hope I get one smart phone

  7. Kim says:

    i hope i’m the one will be selected to get an iphone. i really badly needed an iphone for my upcoming online class. since i don’t have any money to buy phone since my family was poor. please hoping you will notice me

  8. Prince adepoju says:

    This is great opportunity to everybody,I pray I get mine very soon

  9. Please send me free sample mobile my address balaji Nagar 18 th cross road 27 5 26 Nellore Andhra Pradesh India pin code 524002

  10. aOlagundoye Temitope says:

    M Temmie
    I really need an android phone
    Any iPhone u give me is collectable please
    Will be glad and happy if I could be one of the winners

    God bless u

  11. Daniel says:

    I seriously need this for my online classes. I am presently a medical student and the work load keeps increasing that I need it urgently, but lack the funds to even get an android phone talk more of an iphone. in summary, I just need a smart phone, any one will do even if it is an iphone 6 or any android. I seriously need this that I even had to use my friends phone to type this.
    pls help me. my contact is +2347016235196.God bless you

  12. Aisha says:

    This is so nice may God bless the helper that wish to give me iPhone I seriously need it

  13. Khelly jirgba says:

    I need it

  14. angelica may tolentino says:

    i hope i get some

  15. Kayode says:

    I need it please

  16. siarra Nero says: name is siarra an is from the Caribbean.?st.vincent and the Grenadines. And I really need one but it is telling to to do a verication and I can’t do …pleaseeeeee help mmeeeeeee….please I NEED ONE

  17. Godwin says:

    Comment:By God grace i wish i get a phone here for my online lectures.I really need it pls.

  18. sittihayana j.ahmad says:

    Hi to you iwish I could be won this your contest coz i need really phone coz this phone I’m using already broken this only y520 huawe ibuy this last 2016 I don’t money to buy phone so please give me chance

  19. Eriza Tan says:

    hi in eriza tan from philippines i want to win this phone because i dont have phone, i dont have to use in my online class because my mom cant afford to buy me a phone instead to buy me a phone they buy a food to us i hope i win this thankyou!!!

  20. AMAL HABIBA says:


  21. Harsh rana says:

    Can I have one iPhone ……

  22. Ayuba says:

    Comment: this amazing pls help me i relly need it please

  23. Lady Grace says:

    Hi. im lady grace short for grace and im just 16 years old and i wish i can win this phone because i need to use that phone for my online class and my parents can’t afford it we have no money and i use to online to my sister and we have a same time class and we need that one of us can absent and some time we fight because we can’t update what our teacher says and im from philipphines and my father is a security guard and my mother is a housewife and i wish i can win this and dont think that i say this because to get this but no, if god will give me this then THANKYOU GOD AND GODBLESS YOU ALL AND STAY HEALTHY!

  24. Thee Ox says:

    Great opportunity I’ve been entering in giveaway competitions for quite sometime and I haven’t one any of them just hope things might be different with this one

  25. Miracle says:

    I hope i can get one please in the name of god

  26. Bright says:

    I love your course big love

  27. blayze says:

    Comment:am really interested

  28. Abdul Wahab says:

    Free iPhone 12 pro max

  29. nabih says:

    i hope i win if i do mail me

  30. Please my price India delivery please help me my address delivery limba village post sonpeth dist Parbhani Maharashtra India delivery please

  31. marie jacob says:

    i hope i win,beacuse i need it very much for my online call

  32. Mina says:

    I hope i winn, i have a broken phone

  33. Aarav says:

    How to win

  34. Bismillah, Allah blessed me. i hope i get one.

  35. Racheal says:

    Thanks for the opportunity, I hope I get one.

    • Leodiza Camingao says:

      Hae im from philippines ,hoping i will be chosen as one of the winners here.

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