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Get a Free Brand New iPhone 12 Pro Right Now !! Giveaway

Get a Free Brand New iPhone 12 Pro Right Now !!

As a promotional offer, we are giving away free Apple iPhone 12 Pro for a limited time. Every winner will receive iPhone 12 64, 256, 512 GB, worth $999 / $1,099 / $1,299. This is International, so anyone in this world is free to participate. To know anything for this giveaway comment on our post below.

1. It is an international giveaway.

2. All winners will get an email after the giveaway ends.

3. The winner will be chosen at random.

4. The participant have to follow all steps complete properly.

Thank You so much!!


  1. Nwala mercy says:

    Comment:please am interested let me use an iphone for the first time it has been my wish please

  2. Onigbinde Ebenezer says:

    Please I need a new phone to do online marketing and I need a very good phone Thank you.

  3. Favour says:

    Please I have never had a nice phone before anyone you give me I’ll appreciate

  4. Lein Luay says:

    I am a college student and online class is a bizarre situation for me because I don’t have a cellphone to use. I just borrowing my cousin’s laptop to study and it is so hard that you don’t even have any gadgets to use. I hope I am one who will be chosen.

  5. KIMBERLY says:

    it is realy beautiful phone plss i like that one

  6. I really need it!
    I spent my whole lock down without a cell phone

  7. MAgen says:

    Mee plsssssssssssss I don’t have any phone or iPad or computer plsssss is phone is my sister one plsssssssssssssss I beg you pass

  8. Dane Torres says:

    Pliiiiiiis me I need for my study pliiiiiiis me me me me me me me me me me me

  9. I really hope I win this iphone if I win I will have my first iphone

  10. Shaban says:

    Hey bro can you let me win I have nothing I don’t have a phone or a console or a computer come on plz man let me win thank you.

  11. Ram*h says:

    It’s totally fake scame don’t believe

  12. Lovd says:

    Comment:how does this give away work, what will I do to win?

  13. Amoglang molefe says:

    I really need it I want it for my sister it’s going to be her birthday soon I would like to do something nice for her but I don’t have money

  14. Vera Darkwaa says:


  15. Ma. Belen Ilagan says:

    If this is legit. Take me in

  16. Allen says:

    If this is real, I’m in

  17. Is this really a legit one or a scam?

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