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Get a Free iPhone 11 Pro Max- Win iPhone 11 Pro Giveaway Giveaway

Are you dreaming to get a free iPhone 11 Pro Max? We will make your dream comes true. As a promotional offer is giving away a chance to get a free iPhone 11 Pro Max. All winner will receive iPhone 11 pro max 256 GB, worth 1,299.00$. Anyone in this world is free to participate. To know anything for this giveaway comment on our blogs.

a. This is an international giveaway.
b. Every month 2020 winners will be emailed to the US.
c. All winners will get an email after the giveaway ends
d. The winner will be chosen in random.
e. The participant have to follow all steps complete properly.

[Note: NO fake Entries or Bot click]. Our selected Winner will get iPhone 11 Pro Max without any cash or payment..

Thank You


  1. Bosede says:

    I want an 10 iPhone 11 pro imedately

  2. Get a Free iPhone 11 Pro Max- Win iPhone 11 Pro Giveaway Giveaway – Giveaway Monkey

    Shawna Muirden

    Borstelmannsweg 66

  3. Get a Free iPhone 11 Pro Max- Win iPhone 11 Pro Giveaway Giveaway – Giveaway Monkey

    Shasta Burchell

    0377 5631649

  4. Get a Free iPhone 11 Pro Max- Win iPhone 11 Pro Giveaway Giveaway – Giveaway Monkey

    Jerald Vancouver

    0660 326 86 83

  5. Donna Radke says:

    Donna Radke
    Get a Free iPhone 11 Pro Max- Win iPhone 11 Pro Giveaway Giveaway – Giveaway Monkey
    Get a Free iPhone 11 Pro Max- Win iPhone 11 Pro Giveaway Giveaway – Giveaway Monkey

    Ab43 8th
    60 Traill Street
    60 Traill Street
    Great Britain
    Great Britain

  6. Best says:

    Please I am phoneless please help me

  7. Lyca pahilanga says:

    Please choose me i need that for my online class I don’t have a phone I’m just always borrowing to my cousin. It’s very hard if you don’t have your own phone I’m very lucky if you choose me to win keepsafe everyone and Godbless😇notice me thank you❤

  8. Praveen Praveen says:


  9. Turgut says:

    Plzzz give me iphone 11

  10. fahmida says:

    yeah!I’ll got😙
    see u people 😜

  11. Isabel Steiger says:

    I need an I phone 11 pro!

  12. Vanesse Vincent I. Galinato says:

    i want to win an iphone 11 because that phone is my dream one and i hope you’ll pick me thank you

  13. Elizabeth monie says:

    Omg i really want the free Iphone 11 pro x im tired of using my computer and using my friends phone

  14. Lucia says:

    If this is true I would be the most happiest person in the world to get the iPhone 11 pro max, I would literally cry if it was in my hands

  15. Juan Johny Agbayani Annua Jr. says:

    I hope i can win huhu im struggling with my Samsung J2 Prime i know its not the latest now but im totally tired with its hanging i just need to cliff and on to back steady but it keeps hanging that makes me irritate huhu i hope i can win please iphone 11 pro max or samsung s20

  16. Blossampreet Kaur says:

    Please give me iphone 12 pro I want it for study our phone is getting hang do slot if work

  17. Basmaiti Reang says:

    I have no idea whether it is true that you’re giving away free iPhone 11pro max Or not.. If it happens it will be more than a Dream because I can’t even Effort To dream About ..If I get I’ll treasure it

    • Aaryanshi says:

      IPhone is my dream. I really need an iPhone 11 pro max but financial difficulties do not support my dream😢

  18. Sonu jain says:

    I want 8 phone 11 pro max very badly 😭😭

  19. Roxane Pudol says:

    please choose me im from philippines and i need it for schooling.thank you in advance. I always borrow the phone of my friends to study online pls choose me.

  20. Remilekun says:

    I need this iPhone and I must win it, haven’t use any iPhone before, I’m a broke girl trying to grow up
    If I don’t win it swear I can die

  21. I need phone my phone is damaj plzz iphone da do or my dream is iPhone PLZZ PLZZ

  22. Please choose me iwant a new phone and ihope this is my best gift in christmas🎁🥺

  23. I Hope I will win this iPhone because I have been looking forward to have an iPhone since 2011. But if I should win this iPhone it will be a great help to my studies and an enjoyable product for me

  24. I hope I will be chosen in this giveaways. This will be a great help for my studies and also for capturing our great moments with my family. Thank you very much.

  25. Ifeoluwa says:

    awesome opportunity
    I hope I can win that phone

  26. Mansi says:

    Pls send my iPhone I am superb excited for it. Can you tell me when it will come.

  27. Jahnavi says:

    When should I enter my address details? My task completed I didn’t found where to enter … should we have to enter details when we receive a mail from you? Please reply anyone!!!!

  28. Aditi barua says:

    Umm can I really get a iphone 11 Pro max ??
    If yes I’ll be really thankful ☺️☺️
    I hope I get one

  29. Aditi barua says:

    Umm can I really get a iphone 11 Pro max ??
    If yes I’ll be really thankful ☺️

  30. Harmeet Toor says:


  31. Chandra says:

    Hey i want a iphone pro
    I like it a lot and was waiting from a long time and now it is for my studies too hope you understand Need a phone really needed and you are awesome ,to give such giveaways thanx ..

  32. Tim tim says:

    I am so poor to buy an I phone plz plz help me it’s my dream phone Any iPhone prize love me helpme

  33. Boitumelo says:

    Hi…i would like to win a iphone sp that i can do my school work…..can i please have it…i really need it…

  34. Lucky says:

    My dream is to get iPhone 11 …. because i didn’t bought it…can you please select me dear

  35. Shella Mae Omamalin says:

    I really want it for my study 😢

  36. joan says:

    please i want i phone 11 please

  37. Mercy says:

    I will really be glad to have one,i had always loved it

  38. I hope im one of the winner this year thank you so much

  39. This is big oppurtunity i hope im one of the winner this year thank you so much

  40. izu daniel says:

    Comment:i will love to have an iphone 11pro max please choose me

  41. Tanvin Tanha says:

    I am a student from Bangladesh I don’t have money to buy a iphone 11 pro max but I reallly wanna touch it it will be a blessed gift for me cause I wanna start a photography profession to continue my studies and build a career for that I might need a well camera phone so please I BEG YOU FOR THAT DREAM PHONE please please please ….

  42. IRENE says:

    If this is not fake give me an iphone 11 pro max

  43. Sheena says:

    Thank you,
    Give Away Monkey
    “for this incredible award”
    I wish I get a chance to win
    Thanks for this opportunity
    I hope I win this iPhone 11 pro max.

  44. Esha Aslam says:

    I want iPhone 11 pro kindly select mee..

  45. Wow! I want iphone 11 pro max for my review class and I hope you will choose me to be a winner because its a great opportunity.

  46. Tanishka says:

    Please select me for the prize . I am school student and I love that mobile . So please Give me . Please please please please please please please please .If you give me then I am happy. I really needed it .

  47. Mohammed hasan says:

    Please choose me

  48. Mohammed Hasan says:

    I hope i can win iphone 11 pro max

  49. Funsho says:

    Please!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need it

  50. Blessing says:

    Wow this is luvly,so sad i might not be chosen,anyway goodluck to the winners



  52. Rajwardhan Shingare says:

    Need a phone really needed and you are awesome ,to give such giveaways thanx .

  53. hi im here to get a free phone

  54. Nabeel says:

    i have a iphone but no mony

  55. Afsana says:

    I want this for someone very special.

  56. Jastine Uraga says:

    I hope that I am the one who win iPhone 11 pro max, or any kind of iPhone. My phone is already broked, I need a phone for my studies. I am an education students.

  57. Md Akash says:

    Really thare are Awesome opportunity for all peopl, iPhone 11 Pro for free

  58. My dream a iphone purchase but no money 😪
    One day i purchase a iphone

  59. My dream a iphone purchase but no cash 😪😪
    Iove i phone 🥰

  60. Tanishk Kashyap says:

    I really want iPhone my all friends have iPhone 7,8,x,11 only i am not have iPhone please??

  61. pujan shrestha says:

    i really want please please ……

    • Gifty Lyna says:

      Please i’m a student and i really need a new phone can’t afford a phone now. please help me I’m begging !

  62. Mae Amor Sayson says:

    I hope i can win that cellphone so that i can have my own cellphone no borrowing.

  63. Tinament says:

    have participate alot in this giveaway of a thing. i pray my luck will shine on this one, God i table this to u. amen

  64. Stephen Canja says:

    Hello I am student i want to have a new phone because it really need to our school and also to my future thank you

  65. hazelyn guiamad-usop says:

    May ALLAH give me the best of luck to win this Phone

  66. Adeyemi Ajibade says:

    Comment:hello,this is Ajibade from Nigeria,i also wish to win a iPhone

  67. cherry mae says:

    I really wantthat phone huuhuhuhu

  68. cherry mae says:

    i really like it
    hope to win!

  69. patrick says:

    I really hope to win an iPhone

  70. Abu Syed says:

    If any one helf me how to complete human verification?

  71. Abu Sayed says:

    How will I know if I win? And I have already comply with your quiz and it says nothing?.i want it brother.I can’t afford to buy it,i am fron Bangladesh??

  72. Gifty says:

    Comment:i really want this phone they once chose me but i later found out that it was a fake;(

  73. Saud shah says:

    Hey amazing iPhone 11pro really my dream iPhone pls give me my gift

  74. Abu Syed says:

    I want it brother,it was dream to have it

  75. I need this phone because I’m a poor Filipino I want to new phone please ???

  76. Zohra khan says:

    I need this phone

  77. Aliyu says:

    Please I need it help me

  78. Rada Oreste says:

    Wait…If we win this, thus the phone have a charger and etc.????

  79. Rada Oreste says:

    Pleaseeeeeeee notice me and I’m from Philippines

    • Rada Oreste says:

      Please I need it because my tablet will gone soon please give me a chance ???????????

  80. Bolaji kayode says:

    I really want to win a give away gift for once
    Because all the ones I have been seeing are fake….
    I don’t know about this also

  81. michaela magayam says:

    hoping for luck

    • Diana jane ballesteros says:

      I want to win a iphone 11 pro max ill wait to win .?thankyou i love iphone .

  82. Favour vin says:

    Good morning, please I choosed the colour of the iPhone I want but nothing happened afterwards,is it normal?
    Please can I be one of your lucky winners?
    I really want to tell people my instincts about your giveaway was always right

  83. Mandisi says:

    I’m a teenager from high school whos been dreaming to get an iPhone for the longest time, to take good quality pictures to post on insta for content like other people. Unfortunately MY parents can’t afford it so I hope you can make my dreams come true.

  84. Hadwt baro says:

    I hope this Time i will get an iPhone 11 pro max till today in my life i have never win any giveaway so i hope this thank you

  85. probir chakma says:

    I would be forever grateful if anyone could really give me an iPhone gift. Because I want to use my iPhone so much but we can’t afford to be poor. My mother was a housewife and my father worked in the village and was able to support my family. Thank yo …

  86. Leonila says:

    How will I know if I win? And I have already comply with your quiz and it says there ” congratulations you have won an. Iphone xs. Press receive it” so i already win but there is no email yet.

  87. Leonila says:

    When you will announce the winner?

  88. Muthulakshmi says:

    World wide best Mobile

  89. Jahnea Davis says:

    hi i have been trying for years to get an iphone xr and i cant seem to get on at all please help me

  90. adinda elfara says:

    ^^wish you always healthy and happy! I hope i get this give away.

  91. Erica Ryntathiang says:

    I already did the quiz and now there’s nothing

  92. Kamilah Easterling says:

    I really want it so bad

  93. Richard oshea says:

    Awesome opportunity for me. i want iPhone xs Max. Thanks.

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