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How to Save on Mattress During Holidays

Mattress buying is a serious affair, a fact that took me way too long to realize. It’s the same case for a lot of us. What many of us don’t recognize is that the quality of sleep that we receive each night has a direct impact on the quality of our lives. Therefore, we must do everything within our power to get the best mattress for ourselves. Getting the best sleep is all about;

  • Finding the right mattress for yourself
  • Preparation for bed – Having a routine

Our focus here will be more on mattress buying, and how to save during holidays. It’s important we recognize that bed purchasing is a long-term investment, and getting the best will require paying a little extra. How do you identify the best bedding for you? It’s pretty simple actually; all you need to know are the following:

Your preference with regards to

  • Firmness level – Do you prefer soft, firm or medium-firm bedding?
  • Temperature – Are you a hot sleeper?
  • Edge support
  • Mattress construction – Are you a Memory foam, spring, latex, or hybrid person?
  • Brand – Go for legit brands
  • Longevity

While considering all the above, you’ll find that your preferred mattress will be a bit costly. However, I have some excellent news for you. You can actually purchase your chosen bed at a lower price. It’s all about the timing of your shopping. During holidays, in particular, you’re more likely to pay way less than you would have if it were any other day. Here’s how you can save on mattress during the holidays.

Go for Discounts

Holidays are the peak of discounts for purchasing virtually anything, mattresses included. During holidays, many mattress stores both online and brick and mortar will lower their prices. It’s usually a competition of prices among sellers, and you can reap big from it as a customer. Look for discounts during the following months:

  • February

In February, we are recovering from the cold winter days, and most individuals will leave the house after staying indoors for too long. Then there’s President Day. Plus, by then, we will have recovered from the Christmas shopping shock. Therefore, many mattress sellers take advantage of the break consumers are taking by offering them better deals.

  • May

Spring is finally here and bed stores are clearing out stock since new models are usually introduced into the market between the June – September period. To clear existing stock, bedding prices generally reduce by hundreds of dollars. In May, we also have Memorial’s Day where costs significantly reduce.

  • September

September is a month with lots of buzzes. On 30th is when most of the stores are closing down their fiscal year and will lower prices to remove some of the stock. There’s Labor Day weekend, 3 days when prices are slashed.

Other holiday discounts to look out for include:

  • New Year’s Day (January 1) – Specific to Brick and Mortar Stores
  • President’s Day (February 19)
  • Memorial Day (May 28)
  • 4th of July
  • Back to School (August/September)
  • Labor Day (September 3)
  • Veterans Day (November 11)
  • Black Friday (November 23)
  • Cyber Monday (November 26) – Online stores
  • Amazon Prime Day (July 16) – Online stores

Exclusive Online Discounts

Take advantage of discounts offered by third-party sites online. There are websites such as mattress review sites which partner with bed sellers to provide customers with special discounts and participate in promotions. All this is in a bid to attract more clientele, and a good example is a war made easy the movie – layla coupon.

Well, unless buying your mattress is a matter of urgency, take advantage of the holiday discounts. Have your cash set aside and wait patiently for the right opportunity to purchase. You’ll get your preferred mattress cheaply.

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