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  1. Ganga says:

    Hi. I’m ganga from Tamilnadu. My home town Madurai. Then I followed your website 3 months also. I love it. Now I used 2nd mobile. Then my family financial problems also please kindly my humble request I want this mobile. I love it this mobile then I’m fan of you ❤️❤️❤️ please kindly reply me sir then my dream Mobile this. Then my humble request my BRITHDAY coming December 3rd 2020. Please gift for me sir please. My life dream this mobile please ❤️❤️❤️ I hope and wait for your reply sir please…

  2. Kyla Andres says:

    This coming oct,20 is my birthday. I just want iPhone, but my mum said it’s too expensive we don’t have enough i entered giveaways,then I saw this😄. But it’s not my first time. I joined do many giveaways but i always failed 😅. I hope this time i win. #birthdaywish


  3. Jamil harris says:

    Comment: Please guys, I really need this phone for my e business

  4. Hussein yuusuf says:

    How can someone subscribe to all this giveaway have not got it. Thank

  5. Panshak Paul says:

    Comment:Am not a greedy person i just need a phone for my school project and am also poor to buy a phone i plead with you.

  6. Ranikz says:

    Wishing everyone including myself goodluck

  7. Glendelle julz perales says:

    Ill be using this to my online class… i hope ill be the one to be pick… thank you in advance..

  8. Nathaniel Glidden says:

    I really hope that i win i stilil have a iphone 3gs! Please GIVAWAY MONKEYS PLEASE!!. I really want to win please i deserve to please please please!!!! I followed you on all the pages please everyone please!!!!.

  9. Saya ingin mendapatkan hadiah HP iPhone 11 pro Max, saya dari Indonesia🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  10. Hi…
    im from kerala, India
    plzzz… we are … in much danger…
    my family has only one phone.. but unfortunately that phone has been broken….. plzz… send me that i phone 11 and watch….

  11. Fresca Joyce Olila says:

    I hope to win for the bday of my father

  12. Sourav sarkar says:

    I know I think that I will not win but what will happen if I try

  13. Giana Zyl says:

    Hoping to win

  14. ricaella mehid says:

    i hope i win i just need a phone for my online class.

  15. Samuel says:

    I hope to win

  16. Nikhil says:

    I need phone then I will always enter the giveaways please I want to win

  17. Please were can I receive the giveaway

  18. Ansula Basumatary says:

    I need it but I know I’m not so lucky.😞

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