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iPhone 11 Giveaway – Chance to Win iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max! Giveaway

iPhone 11 Giveaway – Chance to Win iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max!

Why pay the premium price for the latest iPhone 11/11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max when you can win one for free?
No, it’s neither a gimmick nor a dream. The newest members of the iPhone family are finally here. All you have to do is participate in our iPhone giveaway!

What’s Does the Winner Get?

Winning arguably the greatest smartphone of 2020 is a huge deal! Just like you, we can’t keep calm too. We will notify you about the result of the contest instantly. Please note that:

*The winners will be announced till the 10th of every month.
*We will also send emails to the winners.

So don’t be late. Let’s go to join this Giveaway Participate.


  1. I really want an iPhone because I have a Samsung

  2. Laruatfela says:

    Whenever I participate on giveaway im always stuck with the verification and I never complete it but I want the phone so please send me email

  3. Priyanka Heer says:

    I really want an iphone.. Plz give it to me.. All the other website i tried was totally scam i hope this is not… I hope i would be the lucky one

  4. Lethokuhle Ncube says:

    I have finished every thing i hope I’m the lucky winner?

  5. Lorenzo Merry says:

    I’m a die hardcore of this World Best of the Best Smartphone phone. If I win it my dreams of using an Amazing Awesome Extraordinary uniquely Classy iPhone 11 Pro Max free giveaways. Out of Your selfless service and generoursity unconditional love to the needy people around the world. Thank you so very much for giving me to able to participate in this genuine free iPhone 11 Pro Max giveaways.❣️??????????✌️????????????????

    • Lorenzo Merry says:

      Sir, I mean to say that my dreams will be achieved if I’m fortunately chosen as a Lucky Winner!?????????????????????????❣️❣️?????????✨✨✨✨✨✨☄️✌️??✌️✌️✌️???????✨✨✨????✨✨???

  6. Bienalyn Pancho Carbos says:

    I’m Bien i want to win on this getaway I really wanted to have iphone 11 pro i will used it to take pictures all over the philippines ??

    • fatimabutt says:

      Please,I want this phone because my phone is broken and it’s panel is also fake so that why my phone is hang…………..please please please please send me the mail

  7. Desha says:

    Thanks a lot. i got an Email yesterday. i am too happy because of that Email is winning Mail. Thanks thanks thank you so much. i am felling very happiness.

  8. Tomomi says:

    I have been like completing verification forever , it never direct me to the site once I finish verifications and it is forever incomplete. I hope this is not a scam and please send me an email.

  9. Nikka Jane B.Freyra says:

    I barely need a phone right now❤️ I hope would be the lucky one.

  10. Anisa Altaf says:

    i have completed the verification but cant get email

  11. ALIYA ANEEZ says:


  12. John J. Leeper says:

    i am from USA. i hope i will Win. Already i participate this Giveaway. i need iPhone. i am always lucky person. i hope i will win.

  13. Amber D. Meadows says:

    Thanks Thanks a lot. i got an Email from this Competition. it’s a good new for me.

  14. Richard oshea says:

    Thanks a lot i done it successfully.

  15. Chris S. Hodge says:

    Just i Participated. i want iPhone. i hope i will Win. Thanks for this opportunity.

  16. Amber D. Meadows says:

    i complete registration already. Please send me Email. i need this phone. my phone is old ready.

  17. Robert Pattinson says:

    I need this one. Thanks

  18. Michael J. Briggs says:

    Hi, Already i Participate this Giveaway. i hope very soon you do announce my name as a winner.

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