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iPhone 11 or 11 Pro Giveaway- iPhone Giveaway Giveaway


  1. Destiny Phiri says:

    How do you complete address verification? Cause I finished quiz diva nothing happened.

  2. Collins says:

    Thanks….let me have the phone

  3. i have always dreamed of having an iphone please give it to me huhuh

  4. The i phone giveaway is best and i win this challenge thanks

  5. Suman khan says:

    I hope I will win this finger crossed

  6. i really need a phone please

  7. John Lineberry says:

    Thanks a lot. This is working in our area. Hope to win this iPhone. My old phone is not working properly. Please give me one

  8. Tumbikani Chawinga says:

    I keep getting.. this is not available in your area for any iPhone contests. WHY?

  9. Allison Harrison says:

    I have got a mail from your site for successful entry. Thanks a lot. Waiting for your annoucement

  10. William Ohagan says:

    Ima trying. When I will get this iPhone

  11. Amy Smith says:

    My Phone is broken. Can i win ? I really Need this one

  12. Amanda Ferguson says:

    I want to win iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 both

  13. Terry Wester says:

    Hope to win. I think it is real

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