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iPhone 11 Pro max 512GB and $100 Amazon Giveaway

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One winner will get an iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB (any colors)
One winner will be randomly selected to get a $100 Amazon Gift Card
Everyone can get a FREE international driver’s permit by completing only 3 of our entries
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  1. i really hope in win becuase i just want a phone beuase all my sister have one and i do not so plecse will you send my on iphone 11 pro max

  2. I need a smartphone for my online classes

  3. I need a smartphone for my online classes

  4. Angelo Diego says:

    Hello Merry Christmas I want to have this for my online schooling because we’re about to start on Oct 5 but I haven’t a phone yet I hope you can help me

  5. Muhammad Fahad says:

    I really need this phone for many things. First, my birthday is november 2 and i won’t have anything to make my birthday interesting only the phone, i’ll use it for online classes and tutorials and i don’t even have a phone am using my mom’s phone,and i want to use it to make my little work big. That’s why i want to get the phone. Thank you sir or ma

  6. Muhammad Fahad says:

    I really need this phone for many things. My birthday is coming up on november 2, and i need it for online tutorials and classes. And i don’t have a phone right now i use my mom’s phone. That’s why am trying to get this phone #iphone11giveaway

  7. Shova Khadka says:

    I want this iphone because i have only one mobile samsung galaxy j1 ace which always become hang and i can’t buy any phone because i am from poor family and can’t afford to buy😭😭.Due to lockdown there is no work to do so i can’t earn money tooo so plz plz plz 🙏🙏🙏give me the chance to win this iphone if you can’t give me this iphone you can give me samsung s20 or samsung s10 🙏🙏🙏

  8. Please help me to win cause ever sence I don’t experience to have an iPhone….and now I’m using my sisters phone I just borrowed it to search for the giveaways…on the Google..but since I find this page I was hoping to win….please ma’am and me🙏🙏🙏

  9. Chetana Patel says:

    I hope I will win

  10. Junior says:

    My name is junior even if I can not even get the iPhone 11 pro max can you still help me with iPhone 8 I will appreciate it ..

  11. Shova khadka says:

    I want this iphone 11 pro for my online class and for youtube because i can’t afford for buying mobile so i was searching for free giveaway and i see this free giveaway so i want the chànce to win this iphone.

  12. Onkabetse Turupa says:

    I really need this phone for school

  13. I’ve been searching for a free give away phone and suddenly I saw this. My birthday was on september 14 and this give away will end at September 14 also. I wish I could be the one who will win this phone 😊 for my birthday please. You can check my info I’m not lying September 14 is really my birthday. Pleaseeeeee chose me I badly needed a phone. God bless 🙏

  14. Parina Tiwari says:

    hi,i am Parina Tiwari from Nepal.In nepal contest very fer people afford this iphone 11 pro parents are not able to get that phone for me .i disparately want this phone and i will make youtube chanel as soon as posible.i hope i will get that phone.
    Thank you

  15. victoria ikotun says:

    please i want a free iphone 11 pro max please i am begging you

  16. Joseph Dabandan says:

    I wish I am one of the winner because I really need a phone for my online class and I don’t have any gadget I just borrow my brother phone

  17. Chavey Laseras says:

    I have been using my phone to participate in online classes but unfortunately it gives me a hard time to go on with this situation since my phone is old and nearly broken. Spawn from a financially struggling family, I can’t afford to buy a phone for myself and not even a laptop. So, it will be in great help for me to have it and to continue my studies at ease. I am truly looking forward for your positive response for my longing, rest assure that I will maximize the privileged of your generosity in my quest as an engineering student. Thank you and keep safe! More power.

  18. Junie Ann Uba says:

    I wish i could get this phone for my niece

  19. Aakash kr says:

    Sir.I want it in the giveaway. This iPhone is really cool

  20. Adil says:

    I want any mobile urgently for my job

  21. Emmanuel says:

    please help me I have been trying this for a long time now please and I am using my friend phone to do this please help me I don’t have any phone to use please I will really appreciate if you could help me with this please I need call or you want to give me I will take it easy gift .🙏🙏😢😢

  22. Khushi Egon says:

    I Will Be Grateful If Am Given One Thanks

  23. Memory Tatenda Shumba says:

    If by any chance given an opportunity would be greatly appreciated because it will be like being given a new life as i will be given a room for self improvement and online business

  24. Jellian Alcazaren says:

    can i have it too…since our class will be starting soon and I don’t have a gadget/cellphone??

  25. Marvellous john says:

    I really need it for online class

  26. Jasmin says:

    I want this bcoz my phone is already old my mom cant buy nrw phpne bcoz we are poor i hope to win this , my dream is have an iphone plss 😭hope you notice meee, my birthday gift 😭 i know they won’t celebrate becoz they have no money, only this will make my birthday complete😭 hope you noticeee 😣from Philippines

  27. Vincent says:

    if by any chance sir i would like to win this phone because its to hard for my parents to buy new phone for me and i would like to use it for my online class this coming month i just reallyreally hope i hope i win so that i could my parents

  28. Rahul Kumar says:

    I am biggest fan of you
    Thank you for chance to win smartphone through giveaway
    I am staying in middle class family so I can’t purchase this product due to money problem so I request you please give me any smartphone,

    Thank you
    Your fan
    Rahul Kumar

  29. i wish phone Because online classes thank you 😊

  30. Elekwachi Deborah says:

    I would want the phone cause mine is really bad right now and I have exams to write I need a new phone and I cant get it cause of how high the price is

  31. Yorbi koyu says:

    Hello respected sir or mam I want this iPhone for my online classes as well as my YouTube channel please I can’t buy this iPhone because of its high price please please let me win this give away 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  32. Dileep says:

    I want it for onlinr class

  33. Catherine says:

    I would like to enter, but there’s nowhere to enter.

  34. Ansula Basumatary says:

    Hello sir or mam…
    I want to start YouTube channel and iphone have best camera in videography but i can’t afford it due to poverty or high price. So want iphone to start my channel. So i hope you’ll make me win in this giveaway.
    Thank you…

  35. Elainie Joy Sotto says:

    I hope to win iphone for my online class because i cant afford to buy.

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