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  1. ananda amelia says:

    iphone 11 pro max

  2. Saya ingin hp iphone 11 pro max soalnya hp saya kentang

  3. swera says:

    is this real

  4. I want I phone 11 pro max bcoz it’s hard to move around with a samsung tablet and can’t carry in small pockets so as my birthday is coming too I want the I phone 11 pro max my birthday is on 8th of august

  5. Auxilla Renata says:

    Saya penggen bangget hp iPhone dari kelas 4 sampai kelas 6 saya belum dibeliin hp iphone 😭😭😭.semoga aja aku dapat hp iphone 11 pro warna silver gratis aminnn……😭😭😭🤲🤲🤲

  6. ikujebi Oluwanifemi says:

    i pray i be one of the winner

  7. Kazi masum says:

    Please give me i phone 11 and my dream set

  8. HilalHamdi says:

    Please give me iPhone 11

  9. I really need this bcoz this is my favorat mobile & dream also but I can’t afford this & I think you are the only one who can full fill my dream

  10. Saakshi says:

    I really need it for a review

  11. Arif says:

    Please give me a iPhone 10 max

  12. I am not begging but i am collecting momey to buy this phone for 3 years so can please give it to me

  13. Madeleine Maras says:

    I never have been up to date with IPhones. It’s not my dream to have a the phone like others more than it is just good luck I hope.

  14. Murari Padolkar says:

    Please bro me a one

  15. Althea says:

    I really need a iPhone cause I don’t have any phone I only borrowed my sister’s phone

    • Luqman hanif sulthon arifin says:

      Saya benar-benar membutuhkan iPhone karena saya tidak punya telepon. Saya hanya meminjam telepon kakak saya

  16. Chloe says:

    thanks for sharing

  17. John says:

    I really want this phone because owning an iPhone has always been my dream

  18. I hope it is not bad luck because i really like to get this phone

  19. I want i phone 11 pro max free

  20. I want to start making tiktok videos but the phone I have is not having clearity therefore I need it

  21. Ofade Sevi says:

    Is this real giveaway

  22. djlf says:

    i hate gays and this is why i want free iphone 11 pro max beccuse im not gay

  23. Manasa says:

    I want this because I want an I phone is my dream and I really need this please give me a I phone for free

  24. I hope I will win this giveaway I wish I get iPhone 11. Thank You

  25. Buying a new phone means a bank balance incident that is not liked by I do not need to check my bank balance to buy a new iPhone. Thanks.


  27. Aryan sarthi says:

    Plzzzz give me one yrrr……hoping for a long time….kinda in need….??????

  28. Please please if I win y’all will be the best people ever but god is still better please let me win please

  29. Takia says:

    I hope u donate it to me

  30. Trần Gia Hưng says:

    I want one

  31. daryl querimit says:

    can i get a new iphone this coming christmas

  32. aastha says:

    Please give me iPhone for free
    iPhone 11 pro

  33. i am deaf. i wish to my new iphone 11 for come my birthday. but sorry fail again.. if i cannot answer.

  34. winslet says:

    i hope i will win this giveaway i wish i get iphone 11 all my wish is coming true i wish for christmas pls…

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