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iPhone 12 Giveaway

As a promotional offer GiveawayScoop is giving away free iPhone 12 for a limited time. This iPhone 12 giveaway is International, so anyone in this world is free to participate.

Winner will receive an iPhone 12 (256GB) worth $979.
All you have to do is, go to giveawayscoop website from the link below and submit your entry.
To know additional information for this giveaway comment on our post below.

1) This is an international giveaway.
2) Winner will get an email after the giveaway ends.
3) Winner will be chosen in random.

So hurry up! Enter in this iphone 12 giveaway and win iPhone 12 worth $979 for limited time.


  1. jamsajid says:

    good luck all of u

  2. SHREYAS says:

    I need this phone. My old phone just broke. I badly need this

  3. Mrr Chetra Official says:

    I always wanted to use a nice phone, but don’t much money to buy it. I hope i will get an opportunity to us it. hope you’ll give an opportunity . Thanks

  4. Flom+ says:

    I desire not the gift but I desire the fruits that will abounds to my account

  5. Jerusalem L cataluña says:

    I need a phone for the online class of my sister i hope you notice me🥺🙏

  6. Kim jennie says:

    I really need this phone please not because I want to use it but because I want to pay my tution fee if I sell it, I really hope I win this

  7. Cie says:

    Goodluck to all

  8. Lily says:

    I need an i iPhone if something wrong happens and I need a personal hotspot to for being a teacher without being in the school

  9. SAY says:

    Hi, I badly needed a new phone for my online class, my old phone is getting weaker, we can’t afford any types of phones during this pandemic. sooo I’m hopingggg 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Alexis says:

    i really wish to have an iphone but its very bad i cant afford having one.

  11. Tinotenda Nkala says:

    I’m just an underprivileged kid aged 18 hoping to get a phone for school work an research an the iPhone is ideal bcoz it got space an is fast

  12. Tinotenda Nkala says:

    I’m just an underprivileged kid aged 18 hoping to get a phone for school work an research an the iPhone is ideal bcoz it got space an is fast

  13. BLESSING says:

    Please can I have the iPhone I will pay if I have to

  14. Karabo says:

    I always wanted to use the best phone, if this is my chance SO BE IT

  15. I wish to win this iPhone for my online class

  16. Racheal says:

    Thanks for the opportunity

  17. sherrillbell says:

    iPhone 12 Pro giveaway keep up the good work guys

  18. Sarahkelechi says:

    Hope too win this for my online classes and business

  19. Jevie B. Tocmo says:

    Hope to win this phone. I’m jevie tocmo I like this to use for online selling products. Hope I choose here. Thank you.

  20. Ansula says:

    Thank you to give this giveaway, this is the only one way for me to get the iPhone.

  21. Gold Nnanyelugo says:

    Done thanks for the opportunity

    • Fauzia says:

      i always dream to have this phone i badly want this please choose me my phone right now is not that good for online class i hope someday i could have this phone.

  22. Ankit sondhiya says:

    I really need in this phone in online class

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