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iPhone 12 Giveaway -WIN A BRAND NEW IPHONE 12 PRO Giveaway


This is an International Giveaway. We already know that Apple are lunching Brand New iPhone 12 and 12 Pro within 2 months. As a promotional offer we are giving a get a chance to win iPhone 12 Giveaway. Test your luck with brand new iPhone. To know more about this giveaway:

1. We will notify you via email per month

2. Winner will be selected randomly

3. You must complete our giveaway completion and share this giveaway with minimum 2 friends

4. This is 100% real



  1. Naomi forbi says:

    I know many people say they need and iPhone all i really need is a phone that can help me with my studies. Please I am not asking for much. I am a matrix student

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    Fahren Eigenschaften.

  3. Mac Gregor Balmaceda says:

    I hope you would be notice me. Whatever what kind of phone I really need a new phone for my Mom, we can’t buy a new phone because we don’t have enough money to purchase a phone. I feel sorry for her 🥺

  4. Jimoh says:

    I need iphone please please 🙏

  5. Harsh says:

    I need Iphone for creating content on my YouTube channel and to enter esports

  6. Prince says:

    Me too I badly need an iPhone for my studies

  7. Don jackcy says:

    Pls me too i need iphone oh contacted me pls 09126082743

  8. Kulabako Terisah says:

    hi , i would really appreciate it if i won an won an iPhone i really don’t care which one cause i have never really owned a phone

  9. jenna says:

    please can i have a phone 4 my studies

  10. faizan says:

    I want a phone because i dont have mobile to study i want to buy 2 hand but somebody scam me and he had take my all of money and not give me mobile that why i want a mobile to my collage study

  11. loreta u mann chose me I have a 9 Doughter Ang single moms I have no money I’m poor please give me iPhone a

  12. Marvlyn says:

    Comment: hi,i need a phone please. I need it for a school application and its deadline is 1st november. Please anyone can help

  13. I’m a student and i don’t have a phone to my online class i just borrow from my mother to attend on my online class any phone will do 🙂

  14. Gladwin says:

    Hope i’ll be chosen

  15. Nirjala Thakuri says:

    I hope I will get the one too☺️

  16. Kim says:

    I’m a student and i don’t have a phone to my online class i just borrow from my mother to attend on my online class any phone will do 🙂

  17. Lee. says:

    i hope i would be chosen , i need a new phone mine is messed up and has problems now .

  18. Precious says:

    I pray I win iphone 12pro

  19. Uche says:

    I pray am selected

  20. barakat salami says:

    hey i wouldn’t lie about not having phone or so but i have been having problem with it recently and it is going to be so hard for me and annoying so that why i really needed that phone

  21. Ahaa, its good discussion about this post here at this web site, I have read all that,
    so now me also commenting here.

  22. I really love iPhone and very day I pray to GOD that one day one day I will receive a iPhone

  23. Mathew says:

    My life dream is having in my hand iPhone i am like iphone so much if you will select me and give iPhone to me mean i will gift to my father. I am searching many giveaways but this is nise thats why i am participate in this give away. Realy i will gift to my father….. thank you..

  24. can i have one iphone

  25. Djamila says:

    Hope you choose me not because i asked but because God will be with you to help me as i need this so i can sale it and help my stepsister who’s on oxygen 😔

  26. Eaint says:

    I want iphone please give me

  27. Thandaza Maki says:

    hey guys I don’t know if you will be able to answer but i heard about the Iphone giveaway and I decided to write. I leave in south africa and I come from a non previlaged home,I’m in university at I have nothing to help me with my studies so this iPhone would really help.

  28. Makatendeka Muchenje says:

    Please i have had this tablet for 5 years please I need this iPhone I beg you please its stinking se it marks mistakes when typin please please please with airports I need to listen to my,personal stuff please in black with white airports please

  29. awofala adewale says:

    Pls i need iphone for my online class and am photographer it good for my business

  30. Seiminlen Touthang says:

    I want I phone please

  31. Seiminlen Touthang says:

    I want I phone i’ve always try but always become the unlucky one..can i please get one…i’ve always been using my sister phone

  32. Wellyn grace Abitona says:

    Please help me to survive this online class. 🥺 This new normal class is not easy, please please help me sir/ma’am. Hoping you to choose me. Keep safe always I’ll just trying my best to win your free giveaways. Thankyou so much

  33. Dhanya says:

    Hello sir please send me a iphone becoz It is my brother mobile Iam not able to attend my online classes . becoz of the lack of mobile in our home
    so sir I kindly request you to send me this iPhone

  34. LLejane says:

    i hope i will be chose. I’ll need it for my school and for communication with my family, Hope this reach the admin/donor

  35. Mustafa Demir says:

    Hello, I live in Turkey. iphone prices are very expensive in turkey. A price that I cannot get even if I work all my life. Please make it to me I’m a student and I don’t have a phone

  36. mariel Peñas Batican says:

    I hope me will win I don’t have phone

  37. vina paras says:

    hi i hope i would chosen😊😇thank you

  38. Dawn says:

    Is this legit ?

  39. Nicoleee says:


  40. I need my free cp because for communication on family and for studying research plss help me for new cellphone
    Thank you God bless give away monkey for helping poor people

  41. Currency says:

    Apple phone my best phone product .and iPhone my dream phone ever.
    How I wish I get one

  42. Mohd Ahsan says:


  43. Mahiraj Singh says:

    Hello Sir
    I know that you are a very good man, So sir please give me an iPhone 12 pro max 2021 for free Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Sir

  44. Monu Saini says:

    I need 1phone 12 please give us.

  45. I really want the phone because people make fun of me that i don’t have a phone and it ends at same day at my birthday October 31 i need because for my online class and my parents can’t afford it but mostly i need show i can do online classes i want to win please😢😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  46. Mike Rufin says:

    I want this phone because its may dream phone

    • Regine Denum says:

      I really want this phone because I don’t have any phone I borrowed to my friend . I hope that. I will win in gods plan thank you so much and godbless

  47. i hope i will be chosen from this giveaway iPhone because my phone cannot be functioning well .

  48. i am hoping i am the who will be chosen to be a winner this iPhone

  49. Fatuma says:

    I really like iphone

  50. Welly agustin says:

    Kak ini hp iphone 11 nya asli dapat atau ini boongan aja

  51. Arshaq says:

    hope i would be chosen, I badly needed a phone. My mobile now has a broken screen and slightly malfunctioning, but I don’t have a cash to purchase new one. Give me iphone 🙂

  52. Melokuhle says:

    I wish I could win but I wound not win it please let me win

  53. Mae Loren says:

    Tbh I really want new phone. My phone rn is an old version of vivo and it cant actually take all the work in our online class.

  54. Tendisai says:

    Hi all i know that only a really lucky person will win the iPhone and I will except any of them for they won fare and square I really need this phone because I an still using a Samsung 5 and all my friends make fun of me 😢 hope you pick me Thank you 😊

  55. Hi I always dream that I would win iPhone bcz I don’t have phone I always Barrow to my classmate

  56. Joshua says:

    I really need a phone right now.. Pls help me, I really would love to win an iPhone 12 pro

  57. Aaron correia says:

    hey I actually wish that I could have a iPhone atleast once in my life time so I’m begging for since my school days to my parents but couldn’t afford n get so its n open opportunity here to win a giveaway
    I badly need iPhone

  58. Hi there I really need a I phone right now
    Because my old phone got rig after that
    I never got back a phone and that is 3 years ago

  59. Kezzzy says:

    I really need this phone i have spent the rest of my life wanting an iphone 12 pro max but i cant afford it help me please


    I want an iPhone 12pro but I don’t have money
    I know the iPhone company would never give Zimbabweans an iPhone 12 l love there products tho

  61. Olamide says:

    Oh please make this my breakthrough from java phone I need it please

  62. Zoey Hudson says:

    Please i really need this phone because my parents do not work and i have to take my online classes and it would mean the world to me if i can win this phone

  63. King Promise says:

    Comment:I need iPhone 12 pro max, please,choose me

  64. Dave Samuel Vergara says:

    Me i want an IPhone to

  65. Sahil says:

    A sir please please give me I Phone

  66. Ira says:

    Plls give me a iPhone 12 pro Max couse I need for online class and for vlogging

  67. Partain says:

    I want a new iPhone 12. how to do that?

    • Vanessa says:

      I was bag with everything taken. Lost a phone and other valuable items. Online classes are coming up but don’t have a phone..

  68. Aaron Muhanji says:

    Hi. Im Aaron from Kenya l. I am really in love with the iphone 12 but cant afford it id really like to win the said phone😭

  69. Monalisah M. Apal says:

    Please help me chose me. I i have no phone im only borrowing
    I have many child online class right now
    My child need phone please choose me

  70. Saya ingin sekali aupon

  71. Liam says:

    Dave911Online is giving out free iphones to residents of USA. contact him at gmailll to find out which iphone you qualify for in the giveaway. dont say you didnt know

  72. Ozzil says:

    i want iphone 12 pro please

  73. Ozzil says:

    i want iphone 11 pro

  74. Hassaan says:

    Hi please give me iPhone 12 max

  75. I participated in thia give away because i wanted get a cellphone to study.

  76. Helal Uddin says:

    i hope i would be chosen, I badly needed a phone. My mobile now has a broken screen and slightly malfunctioning, but I don’t have a cash to purchase new one. Hope this reach the admin/ donor.

  77. Aizhan Gabriel says:

    i will need it next week plss

  78. Aizhan Gabriel says:

    hi guys i need a phone for my online class i need this cause i dont have money pls pls guys

  79. Bernadette Costo says:

    i hope i would be chosen, I badly needed a phone. My mobile now has a broken screen and slightly malfunctioning, but I don’t have a cash to purchase new one. Hope this reach the admin/ donor.

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