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iPhone 12 Pro Giveaway

5G speed. A14 Bionic, the fastest chip in a smartphone. All-new design. Ceramic Shield. LiDAR Scanner for more realistic AR. A Pro camera system optimized for low light.
3 Winners Will Be Selected!!!


  1. Isaac says:

    I’ve never won a phone before pls connect me

  2. Anishah Chirodza says:

    thank you may God bless you

  3. I’m high school student i need a phone for online school pless

  4. Ikibor destiny says:

    We do online class in my school and my mum goes to work so i dont have a chance to be there
    I will accept any phone

  5. Shadow says:

    I want iphone please

  6. ZEESHAN ALI says:


  7. I’ve never win something before, the last time i won phone but i never recived the phone yeah am not lucky but i hope this time i might win

  8. S.K says:

    I really need a phone 2 months ago my phone is not working

  9. Velamuri lalitha says:

    I am a high school student my parents will not afford me phone till I complete my studies. So, I want a phone can you please give it to me.

  10. Duryodhan Jani says:

    Hello there
    I hope you will read my comments. Please give that phone to me as i want it to start my video projects. I am not able to buy the new one. Waiting for your response.
    Regards…. please 🙏🏻

  11. Sahil Rana says:

    Hello there
    I hope you will read my comments. Please give that phone to me as i want it to start my video projects. I am not able to buy the new one. Waiting for your response.

  12. Lady Grace says:

    hi. im lady grace and im from philippines and im a high school student and i wish i can get the cellphone giveaways because my mother can’t afford the cellphone and we lack of money because of the pandamic and she needs to pay all the debt and i use to online to phone of my sister and sometimes we fight because we have a same time class and we need that one of us need to absent because i have no cellphone and my mother is a housewife and my father is a security guard. i wish i can get this giveaways and don’t think that i say this because to get this but not, if god gave me this I’M SO SO VERY THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL. THANKYOU AND GODBLESS!

  13. Yuvraj says:

    This is most expensive phone and I want to win it because I want it thank you

  14. Nurul says:

    Please. Send me phone

  15. Nurul says:

    I want phone

  16. Florence Pingkiyen says:

    Im the one people to expect to win a real phone,,, my dream to this christmas is to win a real phone pls. Choose me,,,thank you😘

  17. Mubashir says:

    I want iphone
    Please send me iphone
    I am from Kerala, India

  18. liam says:

    can my prayers work tho

  19. Johnz nsonatrix says:

    I have been dreaming to use an iphone please fuffil my dream

  20. Partain says:

    i like to use iPhone 12 once

  21. Danladi Selnan Chirpyen says:

    I Remain galant to be the winner.

  22. mary kamau says:

    i need it beacause it has always been my dream

  23. Liba says:

    I am from Pakistan I want iphone 12 please send me….

  24. Jason Lacno says:

    I wish i will be one of those will receive a giveaway phone. The best gift. Thank you.

  25. Grace says:

    I’m a content creator, and I’m passionate about creating quality video and image content. Winning this iPhone will do me a lot of good, as it will be a big step up for the kind of contents I create. I really hope I win this one 🙏🙏

  26. Dani says:

    Bismillah semoga menang aminnnn

  27. Josephine Santillan says:

    My Dream Phone <3 It will be best gift ever for me if I one of the Winner. Thank You in Advance Godbless

  28. Pavan says:

    I lost my mobile I have to listen for online classes but I am unable to buy a phone please give away one phone

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