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iPhone 12 Pro Giveaway – Win A iPhone 12 Pro for Free! Giveaway

Enter to win a iPhone 12 pro for free! If owning the Apple iPhone 12 pro has always been your dream, then today is your lucky day because you will like what you hear. CODEMAX are delighted to have you take part in our iPhone 12 pro giveaway. That is right!

We are not joking or wasting your time. This giveaway can come as a surprise for most of our readers. If you want to flaunt this fabulous Apple smartphone today, then here is your chance.

Follow Step:-

1. Go to win page
2. Click Sing up now button.
3. Choose your iPhone 12 pro color.
4. Choose your iphone 12 pro capacity.
5. Submit your contact info.
6. Then click Verification button.
7. Complete 1 offer properly and get a congratulation e-mail or sms.

If you won this iPhone 12 pro Please share your friends.

Thank You!!


  1. crisanto rivero says:

    Is there anyone here got a free phone?

  2. Muhammad Nihal says:

    i want to win Iphone please Give Me As A Gift

  3. Yuri Efojurie says:

    Could I please have it I need it because right now I am in school, And I just moved and I really don’t have enough for a phone if you gave me it would lift me up knowing that is solved and figure my other problems on my way.

  4. Sir can I have phone, I’ll be going college soon and I have no gadgets to use.🥺🥺🥺🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. Precious says:

    I really need the iPhone

  6. pls give me i phone cuase i want to get it when i was 7 so pls give me


    hi have a good day ..
    sir can i have a new phone iphone12 pro for my work .. my phone is very old and i cannot buy a new one because of money matter .. i cant afford to buy anymore many important matter to be taken first ..
    hope i win thank you everyone and God bless us all

  8. Yashpal rai says:

    I want to get Iphone pro12 for my niece for his study which is going on online..with this phone he can make his study good and efficient and have good scores in the exam.tnks

  9. Komalpreet says:

    I want to win iPhone 12

  10. Puja sinha says:

    Pls give me iPhone 12 pro I want that for study I m tired but not getting phone from anywhere I really want it for my study pls help me

  11. Spardha says:

    This is very good job

  12. Dayo Olukoya says:

    I want to win IPhone pro12

  13. John Michael Dizon says:

    Hi, Can i get an iPhone because i really need this for college we can’t even afford it. My Android phone is really ustable right now. I’m from the Philippines i will truly appreciated it if i can get any iPhone.



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