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  1. give me a chance to win this please i don’t have phone right now

  2. Yikiru Angeliatha says:

    Everything comes through God Almighty so I pray to him in order to make me have hopes of winning the lottery.I pray.

  3. roneja says:

    you guys are to be ma hurtful crying because when i signed myself up to get my reward it said that this app will cause a scam and im not joking this website is a lie they just want your imformation

  4. jahzay says:

    i don´t know, all i think whats going to happen is that this is a scam. i think it is a scam.

  5. roneja says:

    what do you have to do to win what ever you want in the giveaway.

  6. jahzay says:

    if this app is fake i am going to expose this app

  7. jahzay says:

    if this app is fake i am going to expose this app i am not playing games

  8. jahzay says:

    I feel bad for everyone i hope that this is not fake.

  9. jahzay says:

    wright like salmankazi said please give me the iphone and that probable tells me that this is a scam.

  10. jahzay says:

    do you guys know if this is a scam or not because i don´t got time to be scammed incase you dont know what it means it means that the person who is doing the giveaway will try to get your imformation of where you live and trying to know your phone number and that can turn out being something bad like they can expose your house address so i just want to know if this is a scam

  11. jahzay says:

    I know I want the iphone 12 pro max model too.

  12. Okafor delphine says:

    Plss I need an iPhone I don’t have money for one

  13. Aliza Mugal says:

    Hello, I really really want this phone I can’t afford it coz, its too expensive I want to do my online classes and its my humble request pls pls plssss just understand n give me this phone I’ll use it for good purpose just plss give me😭

  14. saviour says:

    good the sir or mir live is hade

  15. Comment: Good day sir, life so hard down here, hope this phone be of help soon.

  16. Dawens Etienne says:


  17. Rae says:

    I’m a student and I don’t have enough money to buy a phone so I hope I’d be the lucky winner for this iphone.

  18. alemacauley evidence. says:

    i need a new phone,don’t have money for a new one.

  19. Hi i am Trixie Jean A. Sumilhig, i do not have enough money to buy a new phone for my online class so i am hoping that i will be the one of the lucky winner of this iPhone 12 Pro Max

  20. Jeevan paul says:

    I am a village boy and i don’t have enough money to pirchase a phone i want to continue my 12 standard for online classes

  21. Moad Hajiesamad says:

    Please give me new phone for my online class

  22. Salmankazi says:

    Please give me i phone

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