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  1. Sigis Kens Gaheta says:

    I need iphone most hope i will get chance to win one.thank you

  2. John Earl says:

    I realy need cellphone because i dont have cellphone.hope to win pls.

  3. Louraine castillo says:

    Hii i really need a phone?? This phone that im using is iphone 5 and its already broken the screen is broken and i dont have enough money to buy a new phone i hope this is not scam im super desperate to have a new phone

  4. Good day, am from Nigeria and I have participated in some giveaways and I haven’t won any the two I could have won , they sent me a number and I called the number,they told me that they will contact me but I haven’t seen anything, please I hope to win this one, God bless you.

  5. Marivient says:

    I need this giveaway for starting youtube channel

  6. khimi says:

    i want iphone please i wish to win

  7. Hi ma’am/sir please i need phone the phone that i am using is lagging and crashing apps please i need it.thank you
    Hope I win

  8. Aly says:

    Pwede po ba makisali kahit laptop and iphone lang po please po

    Can i join just laptop and iphone only please

  9. christina says:

    Where can i see your website instructions???


      Click Giveaway here button then go to our website. Select phone model, colour, storage, then submit your mail, then verify it.

  10. job says:

    I need a iPhone for online business

  11. LEUNAAAM says:

    I badly need phone or laptop for my online class?

  12. LEUNAAAM says:

    I badly need phone or laptop for my online class?

  13. Tahiya says:

    I badly need 1 phone? .. can I win already 1 phone?

  14. Kasambwe says:

    I would appreciate it I wish I had one iPhone

  15. Fabian M peter says:

    I have won a prize of IPhone so how can i claim it ?


      Join our contest by following instructions in our website and share it with your friends

  16. Micah Polinar says:

    can i have please


      Sure you you can get a chance to win. Join this contest and share this giveaway with your friends


  17. retchie says:

    hi im from philippines and i realy need a phone because i can not afford to buy

  18. Please give me one phone please.

  19. Nweke says:

    How can one win


      Click ” Enter giveaway here ” button then go to our website and follow instructions


  20. hazel joy pedregosa says:

    i want iphone .. pls .. pls

  21. Catherine says:

    Sure I can we iphone 11pro

  22. Shawn Mutenda says:

    Can i please just win only one phone

  23. Love says:

    I won an iPad but it showed an iPhone which I couldn’t claim. It kept saying send delivery code but I don’t know where to send it

  24. Thanks i am win iphone thanks fo u giveaway m

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