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  1. Marilou says:

    I hope I win thank you

  2. Shova khadka says:

    Today is 5th september and i think its the last comment i am shova khadka.I don’t need this iphone but i want a small mobile which present a great camera and which never used to be hang because i have just one mobile samsung galaxy j1 ace which has been bought by me before 6 years which always used to be hang and which has just 4 gb space.our family is poor so we can’t afford to buy phone😔.Before 2 years this mobile was working nicely😞 but nowadays its being really really hang.Now also while i am typing its being hang😲.I want to get the mobile for son😟😟because he is an youtuber he uploads drawing video on youtube 1year ago he started to upload videos on youtube but due to this mobile problem his old account has been removed in his youtube chhanel nice views and subscribers were coming but after somedays he format the mobile and all thing has gone and he has stoped to upload videos on youtube and again before 2weeks he agai started to upload videos on youtube through new account sajjan’s artistic mind but again mobile is becoming hang and he deleted all the apps he required editing apps thumbnail making app everything he needs and its already 1 week he has not uploaded videos on youtube and due to lockdown to work is there in the office so i can’t buy mobile for him😭😭 so plz plz plz i don’t need this iphone but plz give me a nice mobile which have a nice camera and which present 50 to 100 gb free space and which never used to be hang plz plz plz provide me a small but nice mobile🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Parina Tiwari says:

    hi,i need an iphone to make youtube videos so,i hope i will win.thank you .god bless you

  4. Ismail quadri says:

    Comment:Good evening pls and pls for the sake of God am in need of this phone alot effon if not iphone anything android just give it to i will manage it and i have no E-mail due to type of phone am using because using small phone and to no more about my life story here is my no.08131617714 thanks and I pray that God will continue to reward you

  5. Abiodun says:

    I hope I win
    I am really in need of one please

  6. Abiodun says:

    I pray I win it
    I am using my brother phone I pray I win

  7. Chavey Laseras says:

    Good day! The phone will be in great help for me as a student. I have been using only my phone for online classes but I am struggling because it immediately gets out of power. Also, we need to use our phone’s camera to capture our assignments and quizzes on a paper but I tend to have mine blur since my phone has 5 mega pixels only. This situation with my phone distresses me and so I hope and pray that you’ll have grant me the phone. Surely, it will so much appreciated. Thank you. Stay Safe!

  8. Blessing says:

    WOWWWWWWWW,i swear this is just what i need,the money not the phone,i can manage the small phone i have.that money is really going to help me go back to college hurts alot each time i see my mates going to school and find my self hustling to make ends meet.its fraustrating,i wish i’ll qualify,cos i keep trying all these giveaway yet no success of winning.please i hope i win.thanks

  9. Khushi Egon says:

    Just Need A Phone Now

  10. naomi peters says:

    i really do hope i win this please

  11. Raffy Mae Legson says:

    I hope I am the lucky one can you choose me, for my advance birthday gift in August 28 is the exact date of my gift I use it in our online class it’s really help me. Thank you in advance.

  12. Ansula Basumatary says:

    Hello sir or mam
    I want to start a YouTube channel and iPhone have best camera in videography but I can’t buy it due to high price. So I want iPhone to start my channel. I hope you make me win in this giveaway.
    Thank you…

  13. Ankur says:

    Let’s see who win.

  14. joseph damisa says:

    hope i win

  15. Boity says:

    I hope I win my family doesn’t have money to buy a phone .I need it to learn because right now I’m using my mom’s phone for my classes

  16. Ntanganedzeni Rambau says:

    I hope I win I’m just using my mom’s Phone right now so I hope I could win good luck to me

  17. Joel Bello Mendoza says:

    I got this this time

  18. Samsung galaxy s20 ultra is best 5g phone in world

  19. Rizwan says:

    Yo filled gimmme the phone

  20. Emmanuella says:

    Please i also really need to win this iphone it would mean the world to me and my family

  21. sateesh kushwaha says:

    i hope i win iphone need thish iphones in my sister

  22. Taiye says:

    Pls win, I need the money for my education

  23. Please I hope to win I need this phone

  24. I’ll win this IPhone .

  25. Thihera Reece says:

    I hope I win

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