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iPhone XS Max Giveaway – iPhone XS Max! Giveaway

iPhone XS Max Giveaway – iPhone XS Max!

The iPhone XS Max is one of the most coveted smartphones on the market, and for good reason. Aside from its stellar looks, it also sports Apple’s strongest CPU and widest display to date, but it also comes with a hefty price tag. Luckily, if the high price is deterring you from upgrading, you have a chance to win an iPhone XS Max for free.


  1. This can fit many new gamers down and ruin what should be an enjoyable

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Why isn’t the survey not be completed despite doing what’s being asked to do?

  3. Manjuth says:

    Please give iPhone

  4. Kelechi says:

    Hi,am from Nigeria and I try completing surveys but it will either ask me some questions in French or German language, I don’t understand ,I really need a phone

  5. yasmin says:

    can somebody win the iphone for me😭😭😭😭😭i really need a new phone😭😭😭i can’t afford to buy a new one..i tried to win the contest but i have no luck at all😭😭😭i really really really need a new phone😭😭😭hermmm help😭😭😭

  6. Ginni says:

    I always wanted to have an iphone but I couldn’t buy it as I have never expressed an iOS device please I beg you🙏🙏

  7. Roze khan says:

    I really love I phone and I always wish to win I phone maybe it’s I phone 6 7 8 10 11i hope so I will win inshALLA

  8. Siauil says:

    i am from USA. i complete registration and verification. i got an Email. the email said wait few days for the result. So i am waiting for the result. i hope i will be lucky person. Thanks a lot.

  9. JGAngula says:

    I did everything required and completed a game from the list with 100% score but I did not get any email or notification of any successfull phone claim. This is really unfair.

  10. Disha says:

    Good. i am so happy.

  11. Jennifer Postejo says:

    I hope i win this phone🙏🏻❣️

  12. Adeife says:

    good one
    i love this

  13. Michelle Mae Banuag says:

    I hope I win this phone☺️

  14. Guys. Is this legit??!

  15. Richard oshea says:

    This is for me too much good news. i done registration. Thanks a lot for this opportunity.

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