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  • Ends June 25, 2016
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These days music festivals are such a popular location to be, especially when it comes to electronic music festivals or concerts. When you attend these types of events, having a light band is a must. Once upon a time, the only options here were those glowing bracelets or sticks that you had to crack to get them to work, only to have them die out after only a couple of hours. These days the technology in this department has gotten so much better. These are used for the safety of the people wearing them as well as to help give the same effect as a lighter when you wave your hands around.

You could go with a traditional glow stick option at these shows but you are actually wasting your money with these things. It can be very costly and they do not last very long. Plus, people have long been wary thinking that these traditional glow bands have materials that may not be good for you in them. People live in a world where they want things to be all natural and this is exactly why Lunar Bands are the best option. Not only are they LED lights so you do not have to worry about just what makes things glow but you also have the power to shut it off when you are not using it, which extends its life to around 100 hours. You can also replace the batteries in it rather than replacing the entire item when the batteries have run out. They are also lightweight with materials that are much more comfortable than the previous glow bracelets from your childhood. They are quite bright and they are waterproof so you can trust that it will survive if you or someone else spills their drink on your bracelet.

These items were originally made to help those who run or other people who are out at night stay safe. From there, people realized that they are also really great for their concerts or music festivals as the other glow bracelets and stick were. However, the fact that they are reusable makes them a far more attractive option than the overpriced glow sticks. Plus, at such a low cost, they are not even that much of an investment in comparison to the more traditional and low-tech glow options.

Free Lunar Bands - Led Armbands Giveaway

Lunar Bands offer a stylish solution to a problem that people did not really consider before. These glowing armbands may have been originally created for one option but they have many uses across the board in different things especially for music festivals and concerts. These places are all about comfort and Lunar Bands offers the style and comfort that you need. If you are a huge fan of living the nightlife and attending concerts and music festivals, then you should try the Lunar Band as an alternative to the other methods that you have used in the past. They are long lasting and are brighter than glow sticks plus they are reusable. There are no downsides to this option.

Want it? Then buy one now at Lunar Bands’ website with this code MONKEY at checkout and get $2 off each band + Free Shipping! or get it for free below!

Lunar Bands is giving away 2 #FREE Led Armbands to 2 lucky winners! That’s 2 free armbands to each winners! This giveaway will run until June 25, 2016 and open to USA residents only! Enter below for a chance to win!

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