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PCH Sweepstakes: The Truth about Them and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

PCH Sweepstakes: The Truth about Them and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

We all have heard about the famous PCH sweepstakes. But can you really trust it? Is it even worth entering the sweepstake? Or is it a scam altogether? Let us look into the details and understand what exactly PCH sweepstakes is.

Did anyone win ever?

People are skeptical about entering such sweepstakes because they think whether or not they would be able to win. They also wonder as to how someone can give away a lot of prizes and still be making profit. But this doesn’t mean that the company is a scam. A legitimate example here is Natalie Bostelman who was also very anxious before. She said when she received the letter from PCH she tried not to get too excited. People from PCH came to her business and took her by surprise. They brought along the humungous check, flowers, champagne and balloons. When she received the same she was overwhelmed and so she shouted out loud. This right here is a proof of that fact that PCH sweepstakes are indeed real.

A lot of people have won prizes from sweepstakes

The sweepstakes by publisher’s clearing house are indeed real! However, it is extremely difficult to win. With the high hopes of getting the superprize a lot of people enter the contest. However, only 1 among 2.4 billion people wins the giveaway. They give gifts to people exactly the way they advertise.

PCH Imposters Scams

So we now know that PCH giveaways are real. But there are several imposter scams about there who would just take the money from you under the name of PCH. The scams often look very legitimate as if it is from the official company itself. They would send you a lot of emails and notifications. They might tell you that you have won a superprize. But you need to ask yourself whether you have really entered this sweepstake or not. The best way is to verify the numbers, email ids and other details. If needed, you can also check this against the official website of PCH. Apart from this, you should also check whether or not they are asking for your bank details. When you have actually won a prize, there is a procedure in place to allocate the prize to you. However, if you feel that the information asked is too much or that it is too direct then it is a red flag.

Should You Enter the PCH Sweepstakes?

PCH winners have had life-changing experiences and it is worth taking the chance. For starters, they don’t ask you to pay anything unlike the lotteries. If you are not keen about PCH sweepstakes then opt for the other type of contests they have. For instance, PCH Games enables you to win tokens as well as prizes only for playing the games that too online. The downside of such sweepstakes is that they need a lot of time to enter and you would have to deal with several emails from them. If you are interested in the sweepstakes then you may enter it online by visiting their website. Other ways of entering are email and via phone call which are again available on the website.

Let us have a look at some frequently asked questions that might help you while entering the contest.

Would you receive any spam from PCH?

The answer is no! PCH does not send you any kind of spam emails once you share your email id. Also, they would not share your personal details with any other organization without your permission. They have a strict email marketing rule according to which they will not breach your privacy. It is very common for contestants to think whether or not such sweepstakes are legitimate. After all, some scams exist only to take down your personal information. But with PCH, you can rest assured that nothing such will happen. However, you must know that the application process itself is very tedious. You will see a lot of pages that you need to fill up. Moreover, you would also be required to sign up for various offers as you do the submission. Make it a point to only sign up for those offers that are actually interesting for you. Once you enter this sweepstake, your name is added to their email marketing list automatically. According to this, you would now be getting all the promotional emails as well as updates. However, you can always choose to unsubscribe if you are not interested in receiving any such mails.

Would you have to buy anything to win a prize?

Once again, No! The entire business of PCH is designed so that they can make money. However, you do not have to pay any amount. It should also be noted that buying things will also not improve your chances of winning in any case. This particular fact was not made clear by the brand before. This leads a lot of people to buy things in the hope of winning the grand prize. Due to this, PCH also had a pay a heavy settlement amount. The settlement was then returned to the victims. So if by any chance you are asked to buy something only to win then you can disregard it. According to the new rules, PCH should actually make their participants realize that winning this sweepstakes is actually a very long shot. Moreover, they should also not receive any deceptive mails claiming that they are closer to winning.

How do you know if the letter of winning you got is real?

First off, PCH never notifies its winner through any emails. They do so personally! However, in order to encourage the entries, PCH often sends mails that say that someone with your initials has won. Or someone from your area has won. Otherwise, it could also be a con artist who has simply faked the name of PCH and is now sending you mails. If you want to be sure whether or not you have actually won, you should always give them a call and verify. Call on the official number and tell them about the type of mail you have got. Often times, people make fake ids to ask your bank details. They also claim that they would send across the amount once you are done sharing your bank details. However, before you even make a move, it is always a good idea to call PCH official number. Tell them about the claim and ask whether you really are the winner. If not, then you know what to do. Just report the mail.

Is it ok if they ask you for money even before you receive your prize?

PCH as a brand is definitely not a scam. However, there are other entities out there that simply use the PCH name in order to con people. One thing you should always keep in mind is that PCH never contacts the winner via calls. So if you are getting any such calls then realizes it right then that it is a scam. You should better hang up and even report the number from which you have got a call. Another important thing to note is that you never have to pay anything if you are a winner. Your prize is solely yours and anyone asking for money is a fraud. Moreover, you can always call PCH to find out what the truth is after all.

How exactly are the winners notified then?

You might be wondering as to how exactly be the winners told that they have won. There are two ways in which this is done. PCH will either send you a mail about your winning or they would visit you personally and then break the news. The thing with such exciting news is that it can also be deceiving. So you should always do the research before you get too happy. Verify it on every level. If they have surprised you in person then there is no room for doubt. However, if they are began the initial conversation via mail then it’s a good idea to reach out to them using the given numbers or email ids.

How does the PCH draw take place?

There is a monitored process which is usually in place when it comes to PCH draws. Every entry has an equal chance of winning and so you need not worry about that. The Super Prize drawing is when the winner gets either some cash every week or a million dollars all at once. We know it’s exciting right! The draw is completely random! And yes if your luck is in favour all this money can be yours.

What if you are the winner but you aren’t home when they arrive?

Yes, this is indeed a possibility. You might have won the iconic super prize that everyone dreams about. The crew of PCH comes to your house in order to surprise you only to find your doors locked. But hey don’t worry! They don’t just go back and never show up. Instead, PCH is known to go overboard to find people and then surprise them personally. They have surprised the winners at hospitals, at work and even on a plane. So at least that is one thing you don’t have to worry about. Go about your day as you would and your prize is definitely going to find you no matter where you are.

Is PCH sweepstakes running right now?

There is always something or the other going on with PCH. They either have small giveaways having cash prizes and the like or would have huge sweepstakes with the super prize. Don’t worry if you could not enter the last pch sweepstakes as there is bound to be another one sometime really soon. The next one starts almost immediately.

Where can you know more about the previous winners?

 Let’s be honest, why would you even enter a sweepstakes if you haven’t ever heard about the winners? You would definitely want to enter a contest that has had legitimate list of winners. So if you wish to know more about the winners of PCH then visit their official website wherein they have shared the details under the section of winner’s circle. You can also find the same on youtube wherein they have a winner’s section. You can actually see videos of people who have received the prizes and see how incredibly they react. It is indeed a life changing experience and their reaction will definitely make you enter the contest.

Thus, with the help of the information given above, you can actually decide whether or not you wish to enter the sweepstakes. Here are a few points that highlight why entering it is a good idea.

It is Free: We can understand if you have been skeptical about the whole PCH sweepstakes saga. But if you notice the fact that it is free, then entering it does no harm at all! You simply don’t have to pay anything at all and you just have to do several submissions. If your name is drawn in the sweepstakes then you are instantly declared as the winner. Isn’t it amazing?

Stand a chance to change your life: We know that the chances of winning are really less. But what if you actually win? Imagine getting millions of dollars in your bank account! It will make you rich overnight and you would be free to do almost anything you desire with all the money. You will gain the much desired financial freedom. For what it’s worth, you might not also have to work for the rest of your life. Maybe you would spend all your life travelling to amazing destinations. Moreover, you can just invest the money and get returns.

Be Vigilant while applying: You should be very vigilant after you have actually entered the sweepstakes. Try to be wary of the cons and scams. Also, make it a point to always contact officials before sharing any personal details or bank information.


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