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PS4 Slim Giveaway

Woorise is giving away a brand new Sony PlayStation 4 Slim to one lucky winner! Giveaway is open worldwide, don’t forget to share the giveaway to your friends to get some bonus entries.


  1. Desmond says:

    Deliver it to my address now

  2. Amina says:

    Can I plss have a ps4 we don’t have the money for it me and my siblings could play on it we had one for free But my family selled it because we didn’t had enough money so plss can we have one for free

  3. FAVOUR says:


  4. Haripal singh says:

    I want to win because to take my shcool stress and my fav game is gta 5

  5. Matthew says:

    My son’s birthday is coming and he said he needs a ps4 but in my country ghana it’s so


    My name is PRECIOUS EHIKIOYA IGHEDOSA. I’ve heard my friends in school talk about ps4. When I found out that a ps4 was so good with games. I wanted it so bad. I promised my younger ones I would win a ps4. So, please I’m begging you! My younger ones know I’ll win. I’m not doing it for myself I’m doing it for my younger ones. If you choose me, my younger ones will be so happy with me. My sister’s birthday is close. Please choose me! Thanks.

  7. Plsss iwant a ps4
    My father can’t afford it because its to expensive

  8. Alvian says:

    Keren banget

  9. Adhiraj says:

    I don’t have any PS4 and my father never buys that for me I have in class 10 still I don’t have any ps please I beg you for a PS4 😭😭

  10. Neil says:

    i onlywant ps4 for my kid so plz

  11. Neil says:

    plz give me one i request it is out of my bugdet 🙁 plz humble reques

  12. Please am begging to please give me a ps4,the last time i ask my dad to give me a ps4,he flogged me
    I really need it
    You are my only hope

  13. Godfred says:

    I just need a Ps4 because I want to have fun. I will be glad if I get it if not life moves on.

  14. I want the PS4 Because my family is poor and i have never had a console in my LIFE i have not gotten anything for my birthday or Christmas for 2 years and you guys probably asking how am i typing this if were poor i’m using a school computer and your also probably wondering how i’m gonna use the PS4 I found a cheap TV that I can use so please please give me the chance to win

  15. caleb says:

    please i really want a ps4 because we are broke and i really like playing games and i asked my parent for a ps4 and they said no so please your my only hope the overs did’t give it to me and i was so so sad.

    • dipesh maharjan says:

      I want the console because my family cannot afford it to buy…..If I won the console ,I feel that I am the luckiest one to have with me…….

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