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Samsung Galaxy S20 Giveaway


  1. Eyram Toxla says:

    Hey there, so I have a friend who just started an internship and needs a smartphone urgently to be efficient with his work. I really want to help out in any way I can and if I can win this phone for him, I’d be very happy. Thank you.

  2. Max says:

    Want to unlock luck win this phone

  3. i am a networker, i will be glad if i can get the phone to boost my business.

  4. Nelfris ibale atuel says:

    Hope I’m the one too.i want gift her for my daughter..she wants phone she dream can use tiktok

  5. Trisha says:

    I hope I can win because I wanna give it to my dad his phone broke because of me well…

    I was irritated that time because he scolded me even if I didn’t do such thing

    well he’s not that kind of expert when it comes to phone so I rearranged his apps and then he came back I didn’t have time to explain cuz he didn’t gave me he broke it and I was scared about it

    so can you please choose me to win? just please

  6. v says:

    you guys lied about this. got 100% of my required test and got nothing

  7. Justine says:

    Pls give me phone for my online class

  8. Sarah says:

    Mmm… I like it to much send me one.🥰

  9. cristy necosia says:

    i want samsung urgh

  10. Kelvin says:

    I love the phone and I would be glad and happy if I get one

  11. Taiye says:

    If I win my mum would finally know that am useful
    Pls I hope to win pls😔

  12. Millon Jayadeva says:

    I have an old iphone , iphone 7 so I’m glad to have this phone cuz I can play pubg like I did previously .. I love iphone cam too❤️.#photography.. iphone is well concerned about privacy too💪.. So that’s it🥺..

  13. This phone is nice I will be gland if I can get anyone

  14. Dustine says:

    I want Samsung s20 galaxy

  15. This phone is nice I will be glad if I can get one

  16. leojhon says:

    plls wish i could wiin

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