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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra FREE! Giveaway

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra FREE!

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra these are great phones, but the retail prices are eye-watering. Here you have a great opportunity to win Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. So hurry up Please. We will send an email to the winner.


  1. Khasandra Dungca says:

    Please choose me. I really new any kind of phone please.

  2. Monday philip says:


  3. tendai gufu says:

    i really want to win

  4. tendai gufu says:

    i really need a phone I don’t have a phone at the moment

  5. Elizabeth says:

    As simply as I Andy & I can say it…, would you choose us?

  6. Charlyn Mae Capindo says:

    i really want this phone . how i wish i can win this.

  7. Lein Luay says:

    I’m basically struggling in my online classes. I don’t have any phone i’m just using my cousins laptop. I have been struggling to attend my classes and my parents can’t afford to buy me anything like that or even just an old one or a secondhand one. I hope you can help me.

  8. Miyah says:

    I need this to start my business i am 16 and also to keep in touch with my dad that lives in another state

  9. john larida says:

    I need at least android phone even not a Samsung I just need phone for online class

  10. Queen sid says:

    Comment:i really need the phone for my online classes i hope to be a winner

  11. mary merit says:

    Comment:I wish i win

  12. Vedant malghe says:


  13. Marry Ann Montemayor says:

    Wish to have one for my kids

  14. David says:

    Just awesome for me.

  15. adewumi munif says:

    I wish to have one

  16. Idowu jolomi says:

    I wish I win for the first time

  17. Vivek Kumar Anand says:

    I wish for this phone

  18. Blessing says:

    Wow….i wish to win this time around

  19. Richard oshea says:

    i need Samsung s20 ultra. just i complete registration.

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