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Banggood Mobile App – Seamless Mobile Shopping

They say that successful companies are those that never stop innovating. Maybe that’s the reason why despite having good feedbacks from their online shoppers through their website Banggood launches their own Mobile App that will make online shopping easier than ever before.

If you like buying products online at a low price tag, then you’re probably familiar with Banggood already. Banggood is one of the largest online retailers based in China and they sell variety of quality items at a very reasonable price. In this review, we’re taking a closer look at Banggood’s mobile shopping app (using Android) that is currently available for both Android and iOS devices.

The Banggood Mobile App is already available in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app is around 11MB in Android and 45MB in iOS which are the average file sizes in both operating systems. That means it won’t take a lot of memory once installed on your device.

Once installed, the first thing you will see is the main page which is great because you don’t have to login (or register) upfront. You can just open it, browse, and put things that you love on the cart then come back after a few hours or days to buy them. The main page lists all the current deals and sales. The categories by product type and brands buttons are also available on the main page should you feel like browsing. If you have something specific in mind then you can use their very efficient search at the top.

The browsing – as expected – is really seamless. The search (as mentioned above) is very efficient. The product images and descriptions are very clear. You will also see the questions asked by other customers and the answers by Banggood representatives. The reviews by ALL customers are also available – even the video reviews.

Once you find the product you’re looking for, all you need is to press the “Add to Cart” button and also choose from here the quantity and other attributes needed. Next, you can either press the cart icon button to go straight to your cart and checkout or continue shopping. In the checkout page, paying with your credit card or online services like PayPal are both available.

Once paid, you will receive confirmation via email. Easy right?! All you need to do now is relax and wait for your product to arrive!

When you click the menu on the upper left, you will see more pages from login or sign-up, to settings, contact us, and shopper’s personal pages like my account, my orders, browsing history, and my wishlist page.

The Settings page is where you can choose the default currency and language to be used in the entire app. You can also change your password, clear cache or browsing history, and see other information about the app in this page. The Notification Settings is also in this page. Surprisingly, all notifications are turned off so I turned them on especially the the Promotions notification for exclusive deal alerts.

The Account page will show your Banggood Points and all the available coupons while you can visit My Orders page to track the status of your orders. The login and sign-up allows Sign-In with Facebook, Sign-In with Google, and Sign-In with VK.

In summary, below are some of the main features of Banggood’s app:

  • Seamless navigation of Banggood’s products;
  • Full screen and zooming modus to view products in detail;
  • Multiple filters to facilitate sorting of products by size, color, brand and price;
  • Flexible configuration offering usage in many languages and different currencies;
  • Easy and secure payment methods – Credit Card and Paypal;
  • Exclusive app deals and notifications about promos.

Mobile App - Making Mobile Shopping Easier and More Convenient

Overall, whether you’re looking to snag some great deals, stay on top of the latest trends, or just want to browse, Banggood’s app makes it all easy for you. Make sure to download the app now because all new users get 10% OFF coupon.

Banggood Android AppBanggood iOS App

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Disclosure: I was provided the above products to review. Regardless, all opinions are honest and my own. You can click here to read our full disclaimer.


  1. Donna porter says:

    The app is simple and organized.

  2. Jesus Alonso says:

    good app

  3. rick says:

    Organized App

  4. bingo says:

    organized app!

  5. victor aparicio says:

    good application and simple

  6. Kartikey Porwal says:

    Great application!

  7. Divya Asha says:

    The search is my favourite feature of this app. Once I type a product name, it leads me to the right product, which I was actually searching. I also like the blog feature.

  8. Debra1939 says:


  9. Nestor Grande Grande says:

    Gran aplicación¡Increíble!

  10. Nestor Grande Grande says:

    Gran aplicación

  11. Esther Muñoz Martín says:

    Gran aplicación

  12. Xavier says:

    Ya he usado esta aplicación hago compras aveces aprovechando los buenos precios y ofertas


    La llevo instalada hace mucho tiempo y me encanta y sobre todo el poder ganar puntos todos los dias compartiendo buenos productos

  14. Tony says:


  15. David Torrejón says:

    Great app and web!

  16. BMoudani says:

    Great app

  17. Antonio Nieto says:


  18. Dritan Ikonomi says:

    Useful app

  19. Abdessalem Ouerghi says:

    Great app and good offres thanks

  20. Tiagosodre05 says:

    A great app, with good offers.

  21. SHELBY says:

    I like the fact that you can easily scan barcodes

  22. Sandy Klocinski says:

    The app looks awesome.

  23. Jan Brotka says:

    App looks good & lots of great deals. Need to check it out

  24. Babara Fehmel says:

    so simple to use.

  25. Calvin says:

    I like that it’s nicely curated, and has simple navigation.

  26. Dorin says:

    Organized nice with style app

  27. Nigel Soper says:

    Great app

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