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Sweepstakes Advantages: All You Need to Know About How it Benefits YOU and the Company

Sweepstakes Advantages: All You Need to Know About How it Benefits YOU and the Company

Sweepstakes advantage is a renowned contest which offers plethora of sweepstakes. In order to get the access to the sweepstakes one has to sign up for a free membership. Moreover, a paid membership will enable you to access additional features also.

What is the background of Sweepstakes Advantage?

This contest was founded in the year 1997 by people who themselves were passionate about entering the contests. Most of the giveaways for the sweepstakes are for the people of United States. However, there are sections for the residents of Canada and United Kingdom also. The sweepstakes which are new are basically broken down into categories that help you decide which one you wish to genuinely enter.

There is also a tracking system in place according to which people can mark the sweepstakes which they have already entered. The SA newsletter is one such letter for which you can sign up. It will give you the sweepstakes related and giveaway related information which can be really helpful. The members of this forum will get several benefits.

For instance, you will get encouraging posts about who won the sweepstakes and how exactly they can be won. It is also a place wherein you can ask any sweepstakes related questions that you might have. Moreover, you are allowed to share the codes of sweepstakes too. Most of the time, people have a lot of questions regarding the sweepstakes and they also have several doubts. The forum serves like a good platform to clarify all such doubts.

The SA has a list of several sweepstakes from different companies. However, they also run their own sweepstakes which you can participate in. There are two kinds of sweepstakes. One is for those who are members of the forum and the other is for non members. You can find out more about these sweepstakes and then apply as per your wish.

More often than not, you would be required to enter the sweepstakes by means of social media sharing. You may also be asked to enter the sponsored giveaways from any other company. Here are the features of the sweepstakes advantage membership.

  • A friendly community forum which supports you in case you have any doubts or information to share.
  • Each sweepstakes is organized by the type of entry which means that you would know exactly what type of sweepstake it is.
  • One can leave reminders as well as private notes on the listings of sweepstakes. This is an unparallel advantage which you get.
  • A directory which lists all the sweepstakes tools so that you can enter in an efficient manner. This is helpful for those who are entering for the first time. It is also essential for you as you get to understand the dynamics of sweepstakes.
  • Tools for business owners so that they can create their own sweepstake. A lot of business owners wish to market their business and sweepstakes can be a good way of doing so.

Is it worth paying the membership for Sweepstakes Advantage?

Sweepstakes Advantage has this premium service for which one has to pay $30 per year. This is how you get the access to sweepstake listings. However, it should be noted that you can get sweepstake listings elsewhere also for free. Apart from this advantage, there is also the option of tracking your own entry. This way it becomes worthwhile to pay the price. After all, when you pay $30 per year it ends up being compensated once you have won a price. If you feel like the premium membership is actually giving you a winning edge then you should just go for it.

A lot of people shy away from getting the paid membership, as they feel that it is costing them a lot. However, it is indeed a good idea to opt for the same. This is because people are bound to get more listings and greater benefits. It is one thing to win the sweepstake by pure luck. But getting the membership is going to help you out in knowing tips and tricks for winning. You would have the knowledge which others hardly have. Give the paid membership a go and reap all the benefits.

Giveaway Listing on Sweepstakes Advantage

The team of sweepstakes advantage often add contests as well as sweepstakes to their directory on a regular basis. It should be noted that the paid memberships alone are not the source of income for SA. Instead, the sweepstake organizers heavily advertise for their business and they have pay per click ads running too.

SA is known to provide a lot of giveaways on a regular basis. The bright side here could be the fact that you can win among the pool of giveaways. However, on the downside, one also has to look out for the weed of giveaways. You would have to be vigilant and eliminate the options that are not that beneficial for you.

Since we don’t really have a lot of time each day it can be daunting for us to go through every single listing and then check. You really have to be patient enough to go through it all.

With that being said, let us dive into the advantages of sweepstakes for the organizers and companies.

To increase the clientele

The first and foremost advantage of the sweepstakes is to get the attention of the audiences. The best way to instantly get noticed is by creating contests and sweepstakes. Companies often use social media for this purpose as they can reach out to a lot of people. The advantage of social media is that one gets to promote the services to myriad of age groups. There is no confinement of age and anyone can enter the contest.

Win-win scenario

There is no doubt that companies benefit a lot as they run these sweepstakes. But it is equally true that even people benefit from the same as they get several prizes, discounts and the like. So in the end, it is a win-win business strategy which has been used by several companies. Let us not forget that there are people out there who have go amazing prizes that are even life changing.

Audience Engagement

It is easy to attract the audiences but it is very difficult to keep them engaged. Thus, sweepstakes are a really good way of keeping the audiences entertained. The motto here is to generate interest in the audience so that they can then enter the giveaways more often.

Getting Contact Information

It is very challenging for businesses to get the contact information of their customers. But giveaways and sweepstakes have made it possible to gain the contact information of potential clients. All you have to do is to make them enter the giveaway and then they would share their personal details as well as contact information. The companies can then use these numbers and ids to send out emails as well as messages to the customers. Even things like sending newsletters will also be useful. Thus, the advantage of hosting sweepstakes is also to gain the much needed customer contact details.

Word of Mouth Marketing

This is an automatic advantage of hosting giveaways and sweepstakes. First of all, people will market about your brand in the hopes of winning the contest and as an entry requirement. Secondly, they will naturally spread a word about you in case they have won a contest themselves. This is indeed an amazing way for you to attract even more people to your brand. Sounds interesting right? Companies these days are also making it mandatory for the people to tag others and spread the words to other people while making the entry. This way, the company ends up getting exposure through their participants. As a rule of thumb, if you are hosting genuine giveaways and sweepstakes then you are bound to get word of mouth marketing.

Increase in Website Traffic

Are you looking for a way to enhance your viewership? Then it is indeed a good idea to host a sweepstakes. This is because when you arrange a giveaway, people are going to visit your website very often. They would get interested in knowing about the rules and what the prize entails. A good way for you here can be to create a landing page on your website for such visitors. In the landing page, you can then give links to the other internal pages of your company website. Thus, brands are using sweepstakes and giveaways as a way of increasing the website traffic.

 Boosting Sales

When the number of visitors to your website have increased, you are more likely to make better sales. The subscribers are more engaged and they are receptive to the idea of buying your products or availing your services. Your brand will grow successfully once you have captured the attention of the target audience. Thus, you should show an active interest in hosting giveaways and sweepstakes. It is a refreshing way of getting brand exposure and bringing in potential customers. Once the customers are in your sales funnel, you can then convert them into clients.

Improved Revenue

You can rest assured to make more profit once you have hosted a sweepstake. The direct advantage would be that the sponsors have an opportunity of making more money. Secondly, they also end up getting a lot of new customers which means that they will eventually make more money.

Building a Brand

There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that businesses need exposure. People are not simply going to discover their brand out of the blue. The business would have to devise a strategy as per which they can build a brand. A good way here could be to organize giveaways as well as sweepstakes. One can simply ask people to enter the same and also announce the type of rewards which they can expect. This would indeed be a good way of branding the business. This concept helps you especially when the brand is new. People would be more aware of your offerings and services. As a part of the entry process, they will get acquainted of what your business actually does. This way you aren’t way too pushy about your offerings and the marketing is done too.

Cost Effective Method

Using the sweepstakes or giveaways is always a cheaper solution for marketing your business. You might think that you would have to spend a lot of money on the giveaways. But truth be told, it is indeed a good idea to opt for this solution as you no longer have to spend a lot of money for the ad campaigns. When you conduct the sweepstakes, it gives a good impression regarding your brand to the people. They will also feel motivated to buy the products and services which you offer.

Thus, it is a good idea for companies to host sweepstakes. They would be able to market their brand and the entrants will also stand a chance to win something. It is a win-win scenario which indeed makes it easy for people give their brand some exposure. As companies market themselves, they are also able to get the precious contact details of customers. These email ids and phone numbers can then be used to get in touch with them. Moreover, the company can also send in newsletters and the like to the sweepstake participants.

As far as Sweepstake Advantage is concerned, it is a good sweepstake which you can participate in. There are regular contests of sorts which keep happening. You can join their forum to know more about the same. The forum is a really helpful place which provides you with all details about the contest. The team members would also help you out in getting the right information as and when you need it. So it is a great platform wherein you can know new things. If you are keen on improving your chances of winning then go for the paid membership. It has the necessary tools and tips which will get you closer to winning a sweepstake.

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