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How To Be A Total Bombshell On A Tight Budget

A good look is important in life as it gives self-confidence, boosts up the self-esteem and makes an impact on how others treat you. According to the survey among American women, conducted in 2014, 15.1 percent of female respondents said they spend 1 hour to less than 3 hours on fashion/beauty/style on an average day. So, looking good is challenging as it is both time and money-consuming. However, it doesn’t mean that in order to look good, you should blow your budget.

Here are some handy tips how to look like a bombshell on a tight budget.

How To Look Like A Bombshell
Bombshells are always associated with hyper sexuality, and originally this term was used to describe female sex icons.

Nowadays, a highly attractive, stylish and self-assured woman is identified with a bombshell. If you wonder what to wear in order to look like a bombshell, who turns men’s heads, then scroll down and consider these facts.

Wear The Perfume
The perfume is the reflection of the inner world of the woman, it is something, which boosts up confidence and helps to send a congruent message to others about the woman, who wears this perfume. If you want to look like a bombshell, always wear the perfume because a true woman smells good all the time regardless the circumstances. Pick up your scent and make it a zest of your look. But be careful and don’t try to smell much.

Cultivate A Personal Style
Wear clothes, which emphasize your beauty and look stylish. Wear black as this solid color is slimming, flattering and it is suitable for any occasion. Note that clothes should be made of good fabrics and be tailored. Besides, a bombshell always looks polished and poised, so a structured bag is a must have for her. Also, sunglasses are paramount as they top off any look. As for jewelry, wear a statement necklace, earrings or a bracelet and you will add a hint of glam to your outfit.

Stick To Rituals
Any bombshell is a self-confident woman. Clothes, a neat hairstyle and manicure always enhance her confidence. So, always have rituals. Do your nails on the same day of the week, exercise regularly, create days, devoted to beauty procedures at home as a glowing skin and beautiful locks are vital for a well-groomed woman.

Make Your Hairstyle And Makeup Look Great
The bombshell always has a flawless face and a well-groomed hairstyle. Go for curls or sleek locks, choose anything, which flatters your appearance. Make sure your eyebrows are well-groomed and the accent in your makeup is put on eyes or on your lips. A red lipstick is the classics, stick to it if you find it attractive.

Fashion On Tight Budget

Fashion On A Budget
Every woman wants to look classy yet trendy. It’s a myth that for this purpose, she should have a lucrative career and have the abundance of money. A true style never depends on the size of the budget, here are some tips how to be fashionable on a budget.

1. Shop Wisely
It is important to have many options at your disposal, which will allow you to buy the things you want at reasonable prices. Here are some tips:

  • If you pursue great bargains, shop out of season. Buy summer clothes in winter and vice versa. Never go to extremes to buy trendy clothes, look what is flattering for you and remember that fashion is cyclical. Buy what looks great on you and you will always look stylish.
  • Buy clothes at reduced prices. You may hit the outlets and shop items from various collections and find what clothes suit you the most.
  • Attend clearance sales and sales, which are conducted at the end of the fashion seasons. Also, shop at discount stores. You can try to use to save more money.
  • Stay away from impulsive purchases. Even if you shop on a tight budget, be selective and always choose quality over quantity. Sometimes it’s better to buy jeans for 55$ that fit you perfectly rather than buying two pairs of 30$ jeans, which are baggy and look cheap.
  • Visit shops, which have discount days because you may find hidden gems such as leather coats or cashmere sweaters there.
  • Try online shopping, you may find winning deals there. Online outlets offer lower prices and a greater range of clothes, accessories, and shoes. However, the drawback is that you can’t try clothes on and if the item you’ve ordered is damaged, sometimes it can be tricky to get refunds.
  • To avoid impulsive shopping, always take notes before you shop. Write down things you need and before buying always ask yourself “How many outfits will this item make?”

2. Make Up Your Capsule Wardrobe
Building the basic wardrobe is a tough task and it won’t happen overnight. You need solid essentials, which you may combine in various ways and create as many looks as possible. Stick to these simple rules if you want to create a capsule wardrobe without spending much money:

  • Always go for things of different textures because when they are matched, they create an appealing contrast. Jersey pants, combined with a lace top, may create a bold outfit.
  • Layers make even not very expensive pieces look stylish. You may wear a little black dress, throw a cardigan over it and complete the look with the bag of a bright color and statement accessories.
  • Always go for a plain, but elegant look. Don’t forget that chunky accessories make the overall outfit look cheesy and the woman wearing these clothes doesn’t look graceful. If you don’t know how to mix and match clothes, stick to the classic combinations.
  • Stick to the basic color palette. Remember that black, beige, white, red and brown colors always look solid and presentable. Besides, make sure that the color palette flatters your complexion.
  • Convert cheap clothes into clothes, which look expensive. Opt appropriate fabrics: silk looks elegant and sophisticated, cotton of a good quality makes any outfit look expensive, the mix of wool, mohair, and acrylic doesn’t cost much, but looks stylish. However, even if the fabric is cheap, you may change the cut. Have the clothes tailored and it will look form-fitting and sleek.
  • Refashion old clothes. You may change the size, the length, add embellishments or even make one piece from two separate pieces. You won’t spend money on getting a fashionable item and this piece will be one of a kind.

3. Pick Appropriate Accessories
It is known that accessories make the whole look complete. But you should be careful with them because they may either spoil the outfit or make it even more charming. Here are some tips and tricks you may consider:

  • Accessories may transform casual attire into the festive one. A statement scarf, earrings, and bracelets with cubic zirconium may be a perfect addition to the outfit.
  • Remember that accessories, made of fake materials, always look cheap. So steer clear of accessories, made of fake leather and plastic.
  • Don’t consider too shiny metal earrings and bracelets as your option as they make even the expensive outfit look cheaper.
  • Stick to the qualitative accessories: pick interesting vintage pieces at the flea market, buy something offbeat.
  • Make only one thing a zest of your outfit (one necklace or earrings) and don’t try to wear bright accessories from head to toe, if you try too hard, you may overdo it and as the result, the whole look may be tacky.

4. Take Care Of Your Clothes
It doesn’t matter whether the item is expensive or cheap, it always should be tailored and clean. Of course, some things need professional dry cleaning, but you can follow simple rules and thereby extend the lifespan of your clothes. Here are some tips:

  • Always read the labels. If there are any instructions how to wash the clothes, follow them. Don’t wash the items, which require only dry cleaning, if it is recommended to wash the pieces in cold water, don’t wash them in hot water. Besides, to prevent clothes from fading, wash clothes with like colors.
  • Always use a stain remover before washing. Never rub them.
  • When the black clothes have faded a lot, consider using RIT dye.
  • If you want to achieve a polished look, always iron your clothes as wrinkled clothes look cheap.
  • Polish your shoes regularly, it will keep them looking good for a long time.

5. Take Care Of Your Hair
Good-looking locks are always the pride of any woman. They should be well-groomed and shiny. Even if the woman is wearing luxurious clothes, a poor haircut may spoil everything. So, make sure that you take care of your hair regularly. Here are some tricks how to do it cheaply and effectively.

  • Find the stylist at the beauty school, it will be cheaper than paying money at the beauty salon.
  • Become the member of salon loyalty programs, which offer a free service after a certain number of visits.
  • Choose the most flattering and simple haircuts, which need low maintenance. For instance, try African American braided bun or very short haircuts. They will look stylish and neat always and don’t require much time for styling.
  • You can cut down your costs on your hair care. Exchange expensive shampoos for baby shampoos, use conditioners on alternate days. Besides, use home remedies for hair, it will cost less and bring many benefits to strands. For instance, mix ¼ cup of lemon juice and chamomile broth. It will strengthen the hair and make it shiny. If your hair needs more strength, then make a decoction of burdock and rinse out hair after you have washed it.

6. Choose Flattering Makeup
The main goal of using makeup is to emphasize your natural beauty. Here are a few tips how to do it:

  • Choose several versions of the makeup, which flatter your appearance. For this, hit the stores and try to be a model at free tutorials or watch some tutorials on YouTube. If you want to save money, go for the drugstore products list. Splurge only on products, which are the core of your makeup: eyeshadows, a concealer, a lipstick or a lip gloss.
  • Put an accent only on one area on your face: choose either eyes or lips, but never highlight them together. In this case, you may end up looking clownish.

7. Manicure And Pedicure Are Important
If you want to be the “complete package”, then well-groomed nails are a vital part of your look. If you don’t have an opportunity to have your manicure and pedicure done, you may take care of the nails yourself just with the help of clippers and a nail file. Besides, always cut cuticles and moisten them well with lotion. Make sure your nails have a flattering shape. Apply a top coat to make them shiny and a go-to manicure is ready.

Thereby, regardless the size of your budget, always remember that fashion fades, but the style is forever. Having a tight budget doesn’t mean that you can’t look chic. Just shop wisely, create versatile looks and make sure your clothes look neat and last long. Then, you will be a total bombshell – the woman, who oozes self-confidence and looks like a million dollars.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Regardless, all opinions are honest and my own. You can click here to read our full disclaimer.


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