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  1. Mariama Gassama says:

    Not only I want it I need it because for school and to contact my parents and my parents can’t afford phones for me.

  2. Sir, I do not have any good Android mobile, I go to college. But I do not have any good Android mobile. So I would be happy if I had any other Android mobile handsets without the iPhone X.

  3. Adji says:

    I hope give phone cell but i do not know how

  4. i hope it will be mine i am from nepal and i really need it

  5. Rizka Aulia says:

    I really want

  6. dillon says:

    please give that phone to me i really need it because i need it to call people which is communication
    and im broke please please pleaseplease give it to me if ur able to give it to people in zimbabwe

  7. mani kandan says:

    give way, please gave that phone to me because ,i am coming from very poor family you will select as a winner it is the best friend in my world OK you will select as a winner thank you give way for get the chance bi take-care

  8. jerwin says:

    i hope and wish

  9. Aiza Jotojot says:

    Hope it’s me but it can’t be mine because I’m frome philippines

  10. Malik Arbaz says:

    These giveaways are super amazing
    I didn’t win yet but I am 109 percent sure
    I will win this time

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