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What Is E-Liquid? – Important Things to Know

E-liquid, e-juice, and vape juice are the common names that are used to refer to the fluid component of a vape. If you have come across a vaping device, you probably have noticed that it has a tank containing some fluid. Vapers already know a few things about the e-liquid. However, the insights that are shared below are important for everyone.

They include the components of e-juice, the common flavors, and much more information. So, whether you have experience in vaping or you are just a beginner, it will help you.

Components of E-liquid

All e-juices have a few ingredients in common. That is why they rarely have health problems for the users. After all, these ingredients are food-grade ingredients and have been given approval by relevant authorities.

Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol – These are the bases of e-liquid. They give it the body and volume. They are also the main ingredients that allow vapor to come out when it is heated through the coils. Carefully manufactured e-liquid uses a certain ratio of the two to give it certain qualities.

Water – All e-juices have water that allows them to remain as liquids. It gives the consistency they want and allows flavors, colors, and other ingredients to dissolve.

Flavors – E-juices are named by their flavors. As we are going to see below, any popular e-juice has gained a reputation, mainly because of the flavor. Reports indicate that there are over 500 different flavors today. If you visit the ePuffer website, you will have the opportunity to buy the top flavors of e-juice from around the world. This seller also stocks high-quality vapes to accompany your favorite e-liquid.

Other ingredients – E-liquids also contain other ingredients like nicotine, supplements, or any other additions. These are optional depending on the creativity of the manufacturer and the preference of the users.

Common E-Liquid Flavors

From the time vapes started to become popular, e-liquid has come in a variety of flavors. Although some flavors are purely for preferences, others like eucalyptus have medicinal purposes. If you visit any vape shop, these are the common flavors you will find:

Vanilla, strawberry, and other fruits – These three flavors are the oldest. They were the first to be put to the test and get successfully used. In fact, they are the common starter pack flavors.

Dessert flavors – If you want to enjoy your vape at the end of the meal or during snack time, go for any of the ice cream flavors. They include mint, pistachio, tiramisu, and many others.

Tobacco flavors – If you are switching from smoking to vaping, you will realize that tobacco flavors are the best. Black Note Prelude is a great example that is pressed from virgin tobacco. This will contain nicotine.


Although there are many other flavors you will find in any vape shop, the majority of them revolve around what we have discussed above. By now, you already know what e-juice is and the best flavors that you can try. It is indeed an incredible experience to try the best e-juice.


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