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What Mattress Companies Are Not Telling You About Discounts

Over the past five years, the mattress industry has drastically changed. The changes range from mattress manufacturing techniques and number of manufacturers to the mode of selling. I have noticed an influx of companies with an exclusively online business as the e-commerce concept keeps flourishing. We have even seen old mattress companies adopting this new business model and getting saved from the brink of collapse.

The online business model presents several advantages to both sellers and buyers but has a load of disadvantages as well. The chance of some mattress companies holding back information about discount is the detriment I find most irritating. Some companies can feel compelled to offer discounts to keep up with completion but lack the genuine spirit of extending to their customers the special discounts. This aspect can make some companies hide some information to their advantage.


Bed-in-a-box Discounts

This category of mattresses refers to those exclusively sold online. These mattresses usually come compressed and packed in a box. Some examples of the bed-in-a-box brands include Purple, Tuft & Needle, Casper, and Leesa. These mattress companies usually extend very generous offers and discounts. Online mattress companies also offer discounts on holidays and special days as the retail stores do.

You can get more discounts when you use a promo code from their websites and through affiliate links. You can always access the discount codes by following their social media platforms. Affiliate channels include mattress review sites, popular blogs, and high traffic websites. Affiliate marketing offers an avenue for online mattress companies to increase sales and brand awareness. The affiliate marketers get commissions if a product gets sold through their link.

Retail Stores and Discounts

Many people still believe in the traditional ways of buying mattresses by going to physical stores and purchasing their preferred bed. Mattresses are quite expensive and buying one over the internet without trying it first seems very unconventional. So, buying established and traditional brands such as Simmons, Sleep Number, Serta, Tempur-Pedic, and Sealy from retails stores ensures you select the one that feels just right.

The traditional mattress retail stores of buying mattresses still don’t offer discounts as generous as the online avenues. I guess this scenario plays out because of the cheaper mode of business provided by the internet. Retail stores offer fixed discounts which are very limited regarding how much you get off from the selling prices, the frequency of discounts, and the number of cuts per item.

Discount Stores

Some mattress retailers market their stores exclusively on discount terms. As a result, you can get a more generous discount than in mattress retail stores. Some discount stores offer premium products for lesser marked prices, as well. You can get discounts as close as those provided by online mattress sellers, even though the quality of the bed might feature some minor manufacturing defects.

Even though you can get a spectacular bargain in discount stores, not all of them offer similar items. Some have heavily blemished products while others might stock clearance items that have overstayed in the shelf because nobody wanted them.

Discount vs. Quality

Generous cuts like Novosbed Coupons don’t always mean that the quality of the mattress you buy doesn’t meet the required standards. Some avenues have exclusive agreements with mattress manufacturers to sell some items at much lower prices. Some vendors can access the mattresses through lower wholesale prices which they extend to their customers in the form of attractive discounts.

A general safety guideline when it comes to discounts is remaining vigilant ever. You should always stay keen on these discounts and why they get offered. Despite this, many of the cuts get genuinely extended for customer appreciation.

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